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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 9- Chapter 17: The Hotel and Chapter 18: The Boarding-House.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Zenobia offers to invent a wild legend one day; how does everyone at Blithedale respond?
(a) Complacently.
(b) Scared.
(c) Angrily.
(d) Eagerly.

2. Out of the three people that Coverdale spies from his hotel window at the boardinghouse, which two seem to repel one another?
(a) Priscilla and Westervelt.
(b) Priscilla and Moodie.
(c) Zenobia and Hollingsworth.
(d) Zenobia and Westervelt.

3. Where do Hollingsworth, Zenobia, Priscilla, and Coverdale often spend their Sundays?
(a) At a rock named Ernest's Pulpit.
(b) At a rock named Eli's Pulpit.
(c) At a rock named Eliot's Pulpit.
(d) At a rock named Emmett's Pulpit.

4. Mr. Hollingsworth finally arrives and Blithedale and brings a young girl, Priscilla; how does she react when she sees Zenobia?
(a) She yells and runs away.
(b) She begins to scream.
(c) She drops to her knees and clasps Zenobia's hand.
(d) She begins to cry.

5. In Section 9, Chapter 17, Coverdale obtains a room in a respectable hotel in town; what makes him feel stifled at first?
(a) The loud music coming from across the street.
(b) The muddy tide of human activity.
(c) The silence in his empty room.
(d) The memories from Blithedale.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Section 5, Chapter 9, what does Coverdale realize it's not mentally healthy to do?

2. In Zenobia's story about the Veiled Lady, a particular lady encounters a magician one morning while wandering in the woods; what does he warn her of?

3. Who did Priscilla used to make silk purses for?

4. What does Coverdale suspect about Zenobia's countenance as he sees her interact with Priscilla in Section 5, Chapter 9?

5. Coverdale and Zenobia argue about women being happy in life; what does Zenobia say is the reason of woman's unhappiness?

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