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This is the colonial location where The Blithedale Romance is set.


This is the place that Mr. Coverdale and the others leave their lives of luxury to begin their Community at Blithedale.


This place is a farm in Massachusetts where a group of intellectuals, including Mr. Coverdale, Mr. Hollingsworth and Zenobia, develop a community with the intent to improve society through an Arcadian lifestyle.

Zenobia's Exotic Flower

This is what a certain character always wears in their hair, despite cold weather.

Coverdale's Hermitage

This place is a leafy grove in the woods near Blithedale where the main character writes poetry.

The Silvery Veil

This is the title of the story that Zenobia tells about the Veiled Lady, after meeting Westervelt.

Eliot's Pulpit

This place is a rock in the woods that neighbors Blithedale. On Sundays, Coverdale, Hollingsworth, Zenobia, and Priscilla gather here.

The Hotel


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