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Lesson 1 (from Section 1- Chapter 1: Old Moodie and Chapter 2: Blithedale)


Section 1- Chapter 1: Old Moodie and Chapter 2: Blithedale

In Chapter 1 of The Blithedale Romance, the reader is introduced to Mr. Miles Coverdale, the main character and protagonist of the novel. The character of Coverdale goes through some changes through the novel. The purpose of this lesson is to analyze the character of Coverdale from the first few chapters of the novel.


1) Round-robin Class Discussion: Have the students put their desks in a big circle, each student in turn shares something about the topic.

Questions to ask:

• Where is Coverdale from?

• What is Coverdale's profession?

• Where is Coverdale headed to in Chapter 1?

• Is Coverdale a confident man?

• Why is Coverdale interested in Blithedale?

2) Class Activity: In groups, students will write a character profile of Coverdale, gathering information about his character, evaluating and synthesizing the information, and creating a written impression of him. The students will analyze...

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