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Essay Topic 1

Mr. Miles Coverdale, the main character and protagonist in The Blithedale Romance, goes through many changes throughout the novel. Analyze the character of Coverdale and examine the changes that he makes throughout the novel. What kind of person is Coverdale? Is Coverdale ambitious in his line of work? How does Coverdale interact with others? What is engaging about Coverdale?

Essay Topic 2

In The Blithedale Romance, a group of people go to Blithedale to join a group of intellectual upper class people who want to learn the art of husbandry and develop their own Arcadian society. Explore the experimental society in The Blithedale Romance , and examine the reasons for the different characters on joining the community. Why is Blithedale considered an experimental society? What does Arcadian mean? Are there any communities in today's societies that compare to Blithedale? What are the people of Blithedale interested in doing...

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