The Blithedale Romance Character Descriptions

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Mr. Miles Coverdale

This character constantly observes his friends and speculates on their pasts as well as their thoughts and feelings.


This character is one of the members of the Blithedale community and is renowned for writing in magazines.

Mr. Hollingsworth

This character is a philanthropist, intent upon the reformation of criminals.


This character is a seamstress and is also known as the Veiled Lady. This character occasionally appears to be listening to voices that no one else can hear.

Mr. Moodie

This character fled living in the Middle States after committing a crime. This character is formerly known as Fauntleroy.


This character is now known as Mr. Moodie and is the father to two characters in The Blithedale Romance.

The Veiled Lady

This character is rumored to be a witch or fortuneteller.


This character is the hero in the legend, The Silvery Veil...

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