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Section 1- Chapter 1: Old Moodie and Chapter 2: Blithedale

• Coverdale returns to his apartment after attending an exhibition of the Veiled Lady.

• Coverdale is accosted by Mr. Moodie, who asks for a great favor.

• Mr. Moodie asks about a lady called Zenobia, who Coverdale informs him he plans to meet the next day.

• Coverdale never reaches a plausible conjecture as to what his business may have been.
• Coverdale arrives at Blithedale and enjoys fire in the hearth.

• Four men ride together through the storm; however, Hollingsworth is delayed and plans to set forth along at a later hour.

• Mrs. Foster welcomes the new tenants at Blithdale.

• Zenobia introduces herself, although that's not her real name.

• Coverdale believes Zenobia to be very prideful.

Section 2- Chapter 3: A Knot of Dreamers and Chapter 4: The Supper-Table

• Zenobia welcomes everyone to Blithedale and acts as hostess for the night.

• Zenobia wears a beautiful...

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