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Michael Lewis (author)
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Short Answer Questions

1. How does DeLeone feel about Michael playing for Ole Miss during his freshman year?

2. What does Leigh Anne steal to use in Michael's high school year book?

3. Why does Michael think all the rich white people are interested in his life?

4. How many men has Michael's mother fathered children by?

5. When Michael is living with his mother, how many children does she have under the age of 15?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Michael believe Dee Dee was a good mother?

2. What clause was put into Will Wolford's contract when he was playing for the Indianapolis Colts?

3. What would Dee Dee do at the first of every month, like clockwork?

4. How does the Tuohy family treat Michael after he moves into their home?

5. What lengths do college coaches go to in the hopes of wooing Michael Oher to their schools?

6. What does Michael learn about Ole Miss' history and their treatment of African-American students?

7. How does Coach DeLeone feel about Michael when he first arrives at Ole Miss?

8. What does Michael remember most about the day when Child Services came to take him and his siblings away?

9. What was life like for Michael when he was living in a foster home?

10. How do the college coaches react when Michael makes his final selection as to which college he will attend?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Michael was very involved in the scouting process and came to the schools with his own demands he wanted met. First, describe each of the three schools Michael narrowed down as being his top favorites. Then, explain what Michael demanded from each school if he was going to attend and play football for them.

Essay Topic 2

Dee Dee, Michael's mother had a rough childhood herself. First, describe at least two major events of Dee Dee's childhood that shaped her personality and outlook on the world. Then, explain how Dee Dee's drug addiction affected the lives her own children.

Essay Topic 3

The success of left tackles in the NFL had a major impact on the way professional players were paid. First, explain how the role of the left tackle in NFL games changed over the past 40 years. Then, explain how these changes in NFL policy were reflected in the paychecks of the professional players.

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