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Michael Lewis (author)
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Short Answer Questions

1. What year was the famous tackle between Theismann and Taylor, in which Theismann received a broken bone?

2. What does Lewis claim is at the center of professional football today?

3. Which of the following medical interventions is needed when Michael goes to the hospital?

4. How long is the history of the game of football given by Michael Lewis?

5. Which of the following sports does Michael NOT play for Briarcrest?

Short Essay Questions

1. What play does Coach Freeze invent in which Michael is the star player?

2. How does Lewis claim the game of football has changed over the past 40 years?

3. How did Walsh's theory of offense change the pay scale within the NFL league?

4. What realization does Jennifer Graves make about Michael's learning during his first week in her classroom?

5. What sports is Michael allowed to play at Briarcrest when he is first enrolled?

6. What offensive theory did NFL coach Bill Walsh develop in the 1970's?

7. How does Steve Simpson react to the petition to admit Michael into Briarcrest?

8. How did Bill Walsh's theories of offense change the way college football was played?

9. What does Coach Freeze value when he is planning new football plays for his team?

10. How did Michael react when an opposing player began teasing him on the football field?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Michael enters the football world, he becomes an almost instant celebrity. First, explain why Michael was so desirable to the football world. Then, explain how celebrity affected Michael and his relationships. Finally, explain how some advice from Coach O helped Michael understand his place within society and as a role model.

Essay Topic 2

Michael is a fish out of water at Briarcrest school. First, explain how Michael found his way to Briarcrest and which people in his life fought to ensure he would find a place at this school. Then, explain how the school itself reacted to having its first African American student.

Essay Topic 3

When Michael was playing for Briarcrest, scouts from all over the country came to see him play. First, create a list of at least five schools that came scouting for Michael. Then, explain some of the various tactics they used hoping to lure Michael to their schools.

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