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Michael Lewis (author)
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Short Answer Questions

1. What position does Theismann play for his team?

2. What does Lewis claim is at the center of professional football today?

3. Which of the following disorders does Taylor suffer from?

4. After he moves in, how does the Tuohy family treat Michael?

5. At the end of the football season, what championship game is Briarcrest playing in?

Short Essay Questions

1. What offensive theory did NFL coach Bill Walsh develop in the 1970's?

2. What physical attributes are most coveted in a left tackle?

3. What happens when Michael meets with Tom Lemming for the second time, after he has moved in with the Tuohy family?

4. Where has Michael learned all the football skills he exhibits on the field?

5. What does Coach Freeze value when he is planning new football plays for his team?

6. What happens when Michael is put in as a defensive tackle on his first game?

7. Why does Lemming believe Michael will receive extra attention from scouting NFL teams?

8. How did the world find out about Taylor's debilitating claustrophobia?

9. How does the biography open, and what is the significance of this opening?

10. Who is Sean Tuohy, and how did he impact Michael's education at Briarcrest?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Dee Dee, Michael's mother had a rough childhood herself. First, describe at least two major events of Dee Dee's childhood that shaped her personality and outlook on the world. Then, explain how Dee Dee's drug addiction affected the lives her own children.

Essay Topic 2

All throughout his life, people wondered if Michael Oher had a learning disability. First, explain the various tests Michael undertook to figure out his learning style. Then, explain what the tests showed about Michael's cognitive skills and what Michael learned about his own intelligence.

Essay Topic 3

Michael Oher's story is true story and one that had a large impact on the city of Memphis. First, explain how Michael's story affected the poor black children of Memphis, Tennessee. Then, describe the charity that was founded after Michael moved to Ole Miss and how that charity is affecting the lives of students still to this day.

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