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Michael Lewis (author)
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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Lemming think Michael will receive lots of attention by scouting NFL teams?

2. What is the name of the tackle who should have protected Theismann from Taylor's terrible blow?

3. In what year did Lemming begin selecting footballers to play on the U.S. Army All American Team?

4. Which of the following terms is used to describe Walsh's theory of offense in football?

5. When Michael lifts a nose tackle off the ground during a game, how far does he throw him?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Bill Walsh's theories of offense change the way college football was played?

2. How did coach Bill Parcells help to make Lawrence Taylor a success on the field?

3. What happened during the famous game of 1985, when the Giants played the Redskins?

4. What happens when Michael meets with Tom Lemming for the second time, after he has moved in with the Tuohy family?

5. What offensive theory did NFL coach Bill Walsh develop in the 1970's?

6. How does Michael learn the new plays Coach Freeze comes up with during the game?

7. What realization does Jennifer Graves make about Michael's learning during his first week in her classroom?

8. What play does Coach Freeze invent in which Michael is the star player?

9. What about the game against Munford infuriates Michael to the point that he loses his temper on the field?

10. Why do the Briarcrest coaches decide to weigh Michael, and what do they find?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Michael was very involved in the scouting process and came to the schools with his own demands he wanted met. First, describe each of the three schools Michael narrowed down as being his top favorites. Then, explain what Michael demanded from each school if he was going to attend and play football for them.

Essay Topic 2

When Michael graduated from high school, it was a moment of extreme pride for him. First, create a list of all the people who came out to support Michael during the ceremony. Then, explain why Dee Dee was not in attendance. Finally, explain how Leigh Anne maneuvered around the problem of finding a baby photo for Michael's graduation year book.

Essay Topic 3

Because Michael had no formal training before he started playing football for Briarcrest, he struggled to learn the plays. First, explain why Michael could not understand the plays. Then, explain how the coaches at Briarcrest helped guide Michael through the plays so he would eventually become a star.

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