The Blind Side Short Essay - Answer Key

Michael Lewis (author)
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1. How does the biography open, and what is the significance of this opening?

The biography opens with the explanation of a complex football play. The point of this opening is to illustrate the importance of a good offensive linemen and his relationship with the quarterback.

2. What is Lawrence Taylor famous for?

Lawrence Taylor is a linebacker for the New York Giants who is famous for intimidating the quarterbacks he is up against. Taylor loves to strike fear into the hearts of the opposing quarterbacks before he tackles them.

3. How did coach Bill Parcells help to make Lawrence Taylor a success on the field?

Bill Parcells was the first coach to put Lawrence Taylor on the right side of opposing quarterbacks. He claimed this was the quarterback's "blindside" and that they would never see Taylor coming.

4. What was most surprising to opposing teams when they played against Lawrence Taylor?

Even though teams knew Taylor was an intimidating opponent, they were always shocked to see him in action on the field. Not only was Taylor powerful, he was unexpectedly fast and nimble in his tackles.

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