Objects & Places from The Blind Side

Michael Lewis (author)
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The Blind Side

This is is the side of the field that a quarterback cannot see when he turns his body in preparation to pass the ball.

The Quarterback Sack

This is when a quarterback is tackled behind the line of scrimmage.

Briarcrest Christian School

This is the school where Michael begins playing football and meets the Tuohy family, who eventually takes him in as their own.

Ole Miss

This is where Michael attends college and plays football.

Hurt Village

This is a run-down federal housing project in Memphis where Dee Dee, Michael's mother, lives.

Fluid Intelligence

This is described by examiners as the ability to respond on the spot to a situation.

Crystallized Intelligence

This is described by examiners as information picked up along the way of life.

Death Valley

This is what LSU fans have nicknamed their stadium.

The Grove

This is where Ole Miss players...

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