The Blind Side Character Descriptions

Michael Lewis (author)
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Michael Oher

This person is delivered from a poor black neighborhood and thrust into an affluent white school where he became a star athlete.

Sean Tuohy

This person is a rich businessman who has made all his money opening fast-food restaurants throughout Memphis.

Leigh Anne Tuohy

This person, once a cheerleader at Ole Miss, is petite, attractive, fiercely protective, and described as a "warrior princess."


This person is addicted to crack cocaine and has at least thirteen children.

Collins Tuohy

This person is a cheerleader, a sorority member, and homecoming queen at Briarcrest.

Sean Tuohy, Jr.

This person most enjoys negotiating with different college coaches to see what can be earned in their quest to recruit a star player.

Big Tony

This person promises his dying wife that their son will attend a Christian school and will not be stuck in Memphis.

John Harrington

This person is...

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