The Blind Side Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Michael Lewis (author)
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Chapter 1, Back Story

• The book opens with the argument that the role of linebackers in football is changing. Lewis notes one linebacker, Lawrence Taylor, who thrives on intimidating the quarterbacks he's going up against.

• There is one particular game when Taylor tackles a quarterback, breaking his leg. When Taylor comes out of the pile, he looks crazy, screaming and pulling at his helmet. The coach reveals that Taylor is extremely claustrophobic.

• Men like Taylor are important to the story, which will actually focus on a young man named Michael Oher, an expected standout, who may be the only match against Taylor's speed and strength.

Chapter 2, The Market for Football Players

• Tom Lemming is the author of the most successful high school football books of all time. He is considered the ultimate authority when it comes to up-and-coming football stars, and many coaches seek his advice

• One day, he...

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