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Short Answer Questions

1. Who saves the Earth men from impending death at the hands of the Lizard Men?

2. Who hosts the reception for Iris's new baby?

3. Why does the family go to Avilion?

4. Where did Laura go when she first left Bella Vista?

5. Who is the inspiration for the man in the sub novel?

Short Essay Questions

1. What message does Laura leave for Iris in her school notebooks?

2. According to chapter 11, how does the adult Aimee feel towards her mother and why?

3. According to clues in chapter 10, who do you think is the woman's equivalent in Iris's memoir and why?

4. According to the article at the beginning of chapter 12, what are Richard's views about Germany?

5. Why is Laura kicked out of her school?

6. Why do you think Iris has 'The Blind Assassin' published?

7. In chapter 13 what is the state of Iris and Richard's marriage?

8. How does the man and woman's story about the blind assassin and the tongueless girl end?

9. What is the woman's attitude while aboard the cruise ship?

10. How does Aimee respond to Iris's decision?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Laura tells Winifred that marriage is not about love, it is about business. Do you think that the marriages in the novel support this view? Are there any loving marriages or are they all solely business arrangements? Is Laura right to find marriage outdated? Within the marriages that you classify as predominantly business arrangements, is there any elements of love? Do you think that the idea of relationships based on business rather than affection is confined to marriage? What other relationships in the novel are based on business rather than friendship or love?

Essay Topic 2

Iris often reflects on the idea of heaven and hell. At the end of the novel, Iris comes to a conclusion about heaven and hell very similar to the conclusion drawn by the men in the story of the Peach Women of Aa'A. What is this conclusion? Using this conclusion, look at the settings in the story and determine whether these locations are representative of heaven or hell. Also, be sure to examine the significance of gardens and fire in terms of heaven and hell, as well as the implications of literary allusions, such as the importance of the literary roots of Xanadu and Avilion and Iris's name in the context of the passage from the Aeneid Laura leavers for her sister? Be sure to consider ways in which places that appear to be heaven can actually be hell and vice versa.

Essay Topic 3

Many of the characters do things that they find repulsive or uncomfortable as a sacrifice for someone they love. Choose a sacrifice made by a character in the novel, explain the sacrifice and why the character made it and whether you agree or disagree with the character's decision. Be sure to explain your reasoning and answer such questions as: Did the sacrifice accomplish anything; did the person for which the character is sacrificing appreciate the sacrifice; does it matter if it is appreciated?

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