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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the man with his head on fire?

2. What are the subjects of the story the man tells the woman he has sold?

3. Who does Iris suspect might be Myra's true father?

4. In chapter 13, Iris recounts the start of what war?

5. What is the reason Winifred and Richard give for why they commit Laura?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do you think Iris has 'The Blind Assassin' published?

2. In chapter 10, the woman imagines the man in a variety of situations. Describe one of these situations.

3. According to chapter 9, why is Laura afraid of her father?

4. According to clues in chapter 10, who do you think is the woman's equivalent in Iris's memoir and why?

5. How does Iris choose to respond to the message left by her sister?

6. In chapter 10, the woman goes and buys a copy of the man's story about the Lizard Men of Xenor. How does the printed story differ from the story the man has told the woman?

7. On one of the articles, Richard warns his fellow Canadians about politics overseas. What does he warn them about?

8. What does Laura say in chapter 11 that upsets Winifred?

9. According to chapter 10, what is the political climate in Spain?

10. How does Aimee respond to Iris's decision?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

At any point in the novel, the political climate often directly affects the lives of the characters. How does the changing political climate affect the story? Consider the effects of such events as the stock market crash, labor strikes, World Wars I and II, and the Spanish Civil War.

Essay Topic 2

Laura tells Winifred that marriage is not about love, it is about business. Do you think that the marriages in the novel support this view? Are there any loving marriages or are they all solely business arrangements? Is Laura right to find marriage outdated? Within the marriages that you classify as predominantly business arrangements, is there any elements of love? Do you think that the idea of relationships based on business rather than affection is confined to marriage? What other relationships in the novel are based on business rather than friendship or love?

Essay Topic 3

In chapter 7, Iris says "the only way to write the truth is to assume that what you write down will never be read," yet she herself is ultimately writing with a particular audience in mind, Sabrina. Do you agree or disagree with Iris's statement? Why or why not? Furthermore, do you think that Iris's actions support her statement? Consider both Iris's memoir and her novel as examples of her writing. Is the novel true or not? She says that she originally writes it only for herself but then eventually publishes it, thus giving it to other people. How does this affect the truth contained within it?

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