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Short Answer Questions

1. What word is Iris thinking about in the last section of chapter 13?

2. Whom does Iris go to visit to verify Laura's story about Richard and Alex?

3. The woman receives a telegram informing her of what?

4. What does Laura's volunteer organization do?

5. One of the articles in chapter 12 details Richard and Iris meeting what prestigious individuals?

Short Essay Questions

1. In chapter 13, what revelation of Iris's sends Laura over the edge?

2. In chapter 11, how does Laura send Iris a message and what does this message look like.

3. In chapter 9, how does Laura behave towards Richard?

4. What do the man and woman do when he first gets off the train?

5. According to chapter 9, why is Laura afraid of her father?

6. About what does the woman dream at the end of chapter 12?

7. What is the woman's attitude while aboard the cruise ship?

8. According to the article at the beginning of chapter 12, what are Richard's views about Germany?

9. How does Iris choose to respond to the message left by her sister?

10. In chapter 13, why does Walter come over to Iris's house?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In chapter 7, Iris says "the only way to write the truth is to assume that what you write down will never be read," yet she herself is ultimately writing with a particular audience in mind, Sabrina. Do you agree or disagree with Iris's statement? Why or why not? Furthermore, do you think that Iris's actions support her statement? Consider both Iris's memoir and her novel as examples of her writing. Is the novel true or not? She says that she originally writes it only for herself but then eventually publishes it, thus giving it to other people. How does this affect the truth contained within it?

Essay Topic 2

Laura tells Winifred that marriage is not about love, it is about business. Do you think that the marriages in the novel support this view? Are there any loving marriages or are they all solely business arrangements? Is Laura right to find marriage outdated? Within the marriages that you classify as predominantly business arrangements, is there any elements of love? Do you think that the idea of relationships based on business rather than affection is confined to marriage? What other relationships in the novel are based on business rather than friendship or love?

Essay Topic 3

Iris feels confined by her gender. She feels obligated to accept Richard's marriage proposal, she allows him to bully her because she believes she has no real power in their relationship, and remains married to him because she has no marketable skills. In the same way, the sacrificial virgins of Sakiel-Norn are doomed to a life of slavery and sacrifice. Do you think that Iris and Laura are confined by their gender or do they have the power to make their own decisions and escape from the expectations of the men around them? Compare and contrast the Sakiel-Norn virgins with the women in the main novel, incorporating at least two characters. You might want to include characters such as Iris, Laura, Reenie, Winifred, Liliana, Adelia, Aimee, or Myra. You can also incorporate the Peach Women of Aa'A if you so choose.

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