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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What item does the man often ask the woman to bring him?
(a) Copies of his stories.
(b) Alcohol.
(c) Money.
(d) Cigarettes.

2. Why does the king of Sakiel-Norn decide he wants to kill his mistress?
(a) She is pregnant.
(b) She is also having an affair with one of his nobles.
(c) She asks him for a poem.
(d) She asked him to leave his wife for her.

3. Why does Iris dislike the Laura Chase Memorial Prize?
(a) She does not think Laura's work is a very good example of quality writing.
(b) Winifred provided the money for it.
(c) She does not think Laura would want such an award named after her.
(d) She thinks children these days are awful writers.

4. What is the name of the leader of the group who intend to invade Sakiel-Norn?
(a) Servant of Rejoicing.
(b) Servant of Bliss.
(c) Servant of Desperation.
(d) Servant of the Gods.

5. Whom does Iris run into when she is out shopping soon after marrying Richard?
(a) Reenie Hincks.
(b) Myra Sturgess.
(c) Winifred Griffen Prior.
(d) Alex Thomas.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the artist commissioned to sculpt the war memorial?

2. What is the primary good manufactured by Chase Industries?

3. What name do the group of people who want to invade Sakiel-Norn call themselves?

4. One of the newspaper articles describes the awarding of a prize for a high school student. For whom is this prize named?

5. Once X has escaped, what do the People of Desolation think that he and his companion are?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do you think Richard married Iris?

2. How does Iris respond to requests for information about Laura?

3. In chapter 4, what is Richard Griffen's stance on creating jobs throughout government stimulus plans implemented in America by Franklin D. Roosevelt?

4. Why is it awkward between Liliana and Norval Chase when he returns from the war?

5. How did the Snilfards prevent the sacrifice of their daughters?

6. What is the fate of slave children who make the carpets in Sakiel-Norn?

7. In chapter 5, how do the two sisters feel toward their governess, Miss Violence?

8. Describe the relationship between the man and the woman in 'The Blind Assassin' sub novel in chapter 2.

9. How is chapter 2 structured?

10. How do Winifred and Richard treat the Chase sisters?

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