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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the woman's dream begin?
(a) She walks onto the top of a roof.
(b) She is the tongueless virgin and X has just come in to kill her.
(c) She receives a telegram.
(d) She sees a man out on the sidewalk.

2. In Laura's Latin book, Iris finds a passage from what work?
(a) Meditations.
(b) Metamorphoses.
(c) The Aeneid.
(d) Ars Poetica.

3. What happens when the men try to leave Aa'A?
(a) They realize that they are enclosed in a big plastic bubble.
(b) They are killed.
(c) They hide out in an Earthbound spaceship.
(d) They commandeer a spaceship which they steer to Earth while avoiding the pursuing Peach Women.

4. Who does Aimee think are her real parents?
(a) Iris and the man from 'The Blind Assassin'.
(b) Laura and the man from 'The Blind Assassin'.
(c) Richard and Laura.
(d) Richard and Winifred.

5. Where does Iris find Laura's schoolbooks?
(a) Underneath the family Bible.
(b) Her stocking drawer.
(c) Her closet.
(d) The kitchen drawer.

6. Iris realizes that Laura's lover was whom, based on the notebooks her sister left behind?
(a) Richard.
(b) Elwood.
(c) Alex.
(d) Norval.

7. Where do Iris and Laura go to live after Iris leaves Richard?
(a) Avilion.
(b) A new house in Port Ticonderoga.
(c) A new house in Montreal.
(d) A new house in Ottawa.

8. In chapter 12, what faux pas does Richard have to atone for?
(a) Being too friendly with the Germans.
(b) Having mistresses.
(c) Being new money.
(d) Divorcing Iris.

9. What is the name of Iris's daughter?
(a) Adelia Laura Griffen.
(b) Aimee Adelia Griffen.
(c) Amanda Winifred Griffen.
(d) Adelia Iris Griffen.

10. What are the subjects of the story the man tells the woman he has sold?
(a) The Lizard Men.
(b) The People of Rejoicing.
(c) The Peach Women.
(d) The Blind Assassins.

11. What does Iris say she finds most memorable about her time on the ship save for her interactions with her sister?
(a) How lavish the parties were.
(b) How cruel Richard was to her.
(c) How everyone took souvenirs with the ship's name.
(d) How beautiful the women's outfits were.

12. Who is the man with his head on fire?
(a) Walter Sturgess.
(b) Alex Thomas.
(c) Norval Chase.
(d) Richard Griffen.

13. What does the woman say surrounds the man?
(a) Blinding light.
(b) Shimmering light.
(c) A halo.
(d) Waves of light.

14. In the passage in Laura's Latin notebook, what was the character Iris's role?
(a) Saving Dido.
(b) Releasing Dido from her body.
(c) Holding Dido to her body.
(d) Killing Dido.

15. To what does the woman compare her sadness over the man's departure?
(a) Being ill.
(b) Being ripped apart.
(c) Being numb.
(d) Being buried.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Laura move when she turns twenty-one and is given access to the money in her trust?

2. According to Laura, what individual does Richard claim told him of Alex Thomas's whereabouts?

3. What does Laura claim that Winifred thinks is ludicrous?

4. Whom does Iris go to visit to verify Laura's story about Richard and Alex?

5. The man tells the woman a story about the Peach Women of what planet?

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