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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Richard's body discovered?
(a) His sailboat, the Water Nixie.
(b) His yacht, the Water Lily.
(c) His rowboat, the Water Nymph.
(d) At the bottom of the river.

2. What name do others use to refer to the group who intends to invade Sakiel-Norn?
(a) People of Desolation.
(b) People of Bliss.
(c) People of Despair.
(d) People of Joy.

3. Whom does Iris run into when she is out shopping soon after marrying Richard?
(a) Reenie Hincks.
(b) Myra Sturgess.
(c) Winifred Griffen Prior.
(d) Alex Thomas.

4. In the prologue to the novel within the novel, the main character looks at a picture. What object is depicted on this picture on one side?
(a) A tree.
(b) A foot.
(c) An apple.
(d) A hand.

5. In chapter 7, to whom does Iris want to will Laura's things?
(a) Myra.
(b) The library.
(c) Sabrina.
(d) A university.

6. What article clothing bothers the man when he and the woman meet at the beginning of chapter 4?
(a) Her dress.
(b) Her stockings.
(c) Her raincoat.
(d) Her hat.

7. What is the name of the leader of the group who intend to invade Sakiel-Norn?
(a) Servant of Bliss.
(b) Servant of Rejoicing.
(c) Servant of Desperation.
(d) Servant of the Gods.

8. Where is Laura found after going missing for a week, according to the newspaper article?
(a) A summer residence in Muskoka.
(b) With Alex Thomas in the park.
(c) The attic of Avilion.
(d) Sunnyside Beach Amusement Park.

9. Why do the man's next-door neighbors at the junction bother him?
(a) They cook smelly food.
(b) They make love loudly when he is trying to work.
(c) They don't take proper care of their baby.
(d) They take his mail.

10. Who founded Port Ticonderoga?
(a) Colonel Chase.
(b) Colonel Parkman.
(c) General Grant.
(d) General Griffen.

11. Once X has escaped, what do the People of Desolation think that he and his companion are?
(a) Citizens of Sakiel-Norn.
(b) Prophets.
(c) Gods.
(d) Spies.

12. One of the newspaper articles describes the awarding of a prize for a high school student. For whom is this prize named?
(a) Winifred Griffen Prior.
(b) Richard Griffen.
(c) Iris Chase Griffen.
(d) Laura Chase.

13. What does Laura do that always gets her into trouble?
(a) Interprets everything literally.
(b) Has inappropriate outbursts.
(c) Thinks rules are open to interpretation.
(d) Steals her sister's things.

14. What is the primary good manufactured by Chase Industries?
(a) Buttons.
(b) Nails.
(c) Watches.
(d) Glasses.

15. Where does the protagonist of the novel within the novel keep the picture at which she looks in the prologue?
(a) In her sock drawer.
(b) In a kitchen drawer.
(c) In a book.
(d) In a cookie tin.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the woman claim is bloody?

2. In chapter 6, the man is toying with an idea for a new alien race composed of what?

3. What hobby does Laura take up?

4. How does X escape?

5. In the story the man is working on in the end of chapter 6, some explorers unearth an alien from what?

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