The Blind Assassin Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. In chapter 1, the protagonist of the sub novel looks at a picture. What does this picture depict?

The picture depicts a man and woman at a picnic smiling broadly at the camera. It also has sinister undertones: the man is shielding his face, presumably from the camera, but the protagonist believes it is from her, and the picture also contains a hand resting on the grass, whose owner has been cut out of the picture.

2. In chapter 1, what is the official conclusion of Laura's cause of death?

Officially, Laura's death is an accident caused by poorly marked road signs and streetcar track inadequacy.

3. In chapter 1, do you think Iris is too concerned with maintaining appearances?

Yes, Iris is portrayed as being more concerned about wearing the proper outfit to the morgue and warning her husband to prepare an official statement of grief than about losing her sister. She claims to be in pain, but she seems very detached, even admitting that she feels numb. Also, the way she explains of her sister that "she had her reasons" for committing suicide seems overly nonchalant.

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