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Port Ticonderoga

This place is the town in which the Chase sisters grew up and the city where Iris Chase Griffen still resides.

Steamer Trunk

Once an item of Iris's trousseau when she married Richard, this object now holds her manuscripts and letters.


This is the city in which Iris and Richard Griffen and Winifred Griffen Prior live, and the place in which Iris has her affair with Alex Thomas.

Louveteau and Jogues

These are the rivers that feed the town in which the Chase family resides.

The Weary Soldier

This object is the sculpture Callie Fitzsimmons was commissioned to create by Norval Chase.

The Arcadian Court

This restaurant is the location of the first of many lunches with Richard's society sister, Winifred.

The Fire Pit

This restaurant is Walter's favorite Toronto diner, and the place where Iris spied on Sabrina from afar.


This establishment is...

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