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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


In chapter 1, Laura's death is officially proclaimed an accident, while Iris seems to think it was a suicide. Despite this, Iris tells the police that she is sure that it was an accident. Iris also seems very preoccupied with how others will react to the death rather than the death itself, worrying about wearing the appropriate outfit and alerting Richard so that he can prepare a statement for the press. This lesson focuses on the dichotomy between private reality and public appearance.


1) In class writing: Why do you think Iris is so concerned about wearing and saying the right thing when her sister has just died? Does this mean that Iris does not really care about her sister's death?

2) Small group: Do you think Laura's death is an accident or suicide? Iris thinks one thing and tells the authorities another. In the same way, the...

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