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Michael Connelly
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Short Answer Questions

1. What warning does Bosch give to Binh?

2. After Bosch leaves Niese's body, what does he do?

3. When Rourke pushes Bosch down, what does Rourke tell him?

4. After Rourke looks at the schematic that Gearson gives him, what does Rourke announce?

5. After his discussion with Wish about Niese's death, what does Bosch intend to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. About what is Pounds angry after Bosch and Wish pull a car over?

2. After Wish checks in with Rourke after Rourke has unveiled his plan, what does Wish report to Bosch?

3. Bosch and Wish know that they cannot explain everything that has occurred over the last 15 years, but what do they know they have to do?

4. Describe the documents that Bosch discovers in the FBI jacket.

5. Summarize the scene when Bosch pulls Lewis and Clarke out of their car.

6. When Bosch is exasperated while in the hospital, what does he decide to do?

7. What is the reason that Wish gives Bosch for disagreeing that someone on the inside is involved?

8. Describe the scene at the Malibu pier.

9. Where are Bosch and Wish after they visit BHS&L and what occurs there?

10. What information do Bosch and Wish find out about Binh from Bob Ernst?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay that describes the setting of the novel. Why do you think that the author chose Southern California as the place for the novel to unfold? With regard to the time in which the novel takes place, is there a historical reason for the novel being placed there?

Essay Topic 2

The Black Echo is considered a mystery, or detective novel. Write an essay that explains what characterizes this novel as a mystery. Include a discussion of suspense, evidence, and suspects to support your analysis.

Essay Topic 3

Bosch, the protagonist, is characterized by Wish as an "institutional man." Irving does not like Bosch because he has difficulty becoming part of the LAPD "family." Write an essay that describes Bosch's background and what in that background would make him have difficulty fitting in to the LAPD "family."

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