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Michael Connelly
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Bosch and Wish leave Binh's questioning, what does Bosch turn on?
(a) The Nagra.
(b) The radio.
(c) The sirens.
(d) His pager.

2. What piece of information causes Bosch to realize the truth?
(a) Veronica Niese's statment that Sharkey knew Rourke.
(b) Rourke asking Sharkey if he recognizes him.
(c) Wish asking Sharkey if he recognizes her.
(d) Veronica Niese's statement that Sharkey knew Wish.

3. After hearing the background information on Binh, what does Wish guess?
(a) Tran killed Meadows.
(b) Binh killed Meadows.
(c) Sharkey put illegal funds in a safe deposit box for Binh.
(d) Binh is using a safe deposit box to hold illegal funds.

4. As he continues to think about the pieces of the case, what realization does Bosch come to when he remembers that the lease on Meadows's apartment is up the next week?
(a) There is going to be another murder.
(b) The diamonds are going to be stolen within the next few months.
(c) The diamonds are going to be stolen during the three-day weekend.
(d) The owner of the pawn shop is involved in the bank heist.

5. What do Lewis and Clarke do as Bosch travels up the highway?
(a) Follow him and phone in for instructions.
(b) Go to the reporter at the Times.
(c) Plan their attack on Wish.
(d) Go talk to Rourke.

6. When Bosch sees Veronica Niese's name, of what is he reminded?
(a) Sharkey and Rourke knew one another.
(b) He never examined Sharkey's apartment.
(c) Sharkey's interview tape has not been transcribed.
(d) Meadows and Sharkey knew one another.

7. How long do Bosch and Wish think it took Meadows to hatch his plan?
(a) Ten days.
(b) One week.
(c) One day.
(d) Three weeks.

8. What does Bosch learn about the recorder?
(a) When he listens to the tape in it, he realizes that whoever is recording him has changed the reel twice.
(b) His visit with Wish was not recorded.
(c) Nothing was recorded.
(d) The back porch conversation was definitely recorded.

9. What is the name of the Captain who escaped with Binh.
(a) Nguyen Tran.
(b) Trinh Khanh.
(c) Irvin Irving.
(d) Nguyen Khanh.

10. Why does Bosch want Wish to conduct the interview of Binh?
(a) He knows that Wish is the murderer.
(b) He knows that Binh killed Wish's brother.
(c) He is too nervous adequately question Binh.
(d) He thinks Binh will respond better to a federal agent.

11. When Bosch asks Rourke about stationing men inside the vault, how does Rourke respond?
(a) Rourke tells him to leave the plans to him.
(b) He reminds him of the danger from blast injury.
(c) He says that the men inside the vault will not get hurt.
(d) Rourke says that he is confident that his plan will work.

12. Where does Hector Villabona run a name search for Bosch?
(a) Downtown at the Times' Building.
(b) At the FBI office.
(c) At the U.S. Administration Building, home of INS.
(d) At the U.S. Administartion Building, home of IAD.

13. While Bosch is in the tunnel, what does he realize?
(a) He should have followed the SWAT.
(b) Wish is working with Rourke.
(c) He should have waited for backup.
(d) The ATVs that SWAT is taking out are decoys.

14. What does Bosch believe about the person who killed Niese?
(a) That it was someone on the inside.
(b) That it was a relative of Meadows.
(c) That Rourke had him killed.
(d) That Wish knows who did it.

15. After getting confirmation of a SWAT callout in Beverly Hills, what does Bosch realize?
(a) The vault is full of diamonds.
(b) The vault was a decoy.
(c) Rourke is planning to kill him.
(d) Lewis and Clarke were in Saigon with Meadows as well.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Bremmer calls Edgar with suspicions about what The Times is reporting, what does Edgar say?

2. As Bosch crouches near the body of Niese, what does he realize?

3. Which FBI agents join the the overnight surveillance?

4. An hour after their conversation with Avery, where are Bosch and Wish?

5. When Ernst runs a background check on Binh, what does he find?

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