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Michael Connelly
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What documents does Bosch find from the FBI jacket?
(a) Papers on the jewelry that was stolen during the WestLand caper.
(b) Documents implicating Bosch in the Dollmaker case.
(c) Photos of Binh holding Meadows's dead body.
(d) Medical records and a letter from a congressman to Meadows.

2. Why does Bosch think Niese was killed?
(a) Because he had information that could not be allowed to get out.
(b) It was a revenge killing for Meadows's death.
(c) It was a random killing.
(d) Because the FBI was worried that he is going to blow their cover.

3. During the phone conversation between Bosch and Villabona, what suggestion does Villabona give to Bosch?
(a) Tell Rourke everything he knows.
(b) Use his contacts at the State Department to get the file.
(c) Go talk to Meadows's landlady again.
(d) Drive through the underground pipes to look for more evidence.

4. What is the warning that Bosch receives after he wakes up?
(a) Do not discuss officers killed in the line of duty without supporting evidence.
(b) Break off your relationship with Wish.
(c) Someone is trying to kill him.
(d) Come forward and tell the truth.

5. What characteristics does Wish use to identify the car that approached them?
(a) Round lights with a damaged left side.
(b) Square lights and a damaged bumper.
(c) Blue with a damaged right side.
(d) Square lights and a damaged right side.

6. After introducing her to Avery, what does Wish tell Bosch during a private conversation?
(a) She is in love with him.
(b) She has discovered that Lewis and Clarke behind the whole bank heist plot.
(c) They need to stall until Rourke talks to DWP and sends in a tunnel crew.
(d) She really is behind the entire bank heist.

7. As he continues to think about the pieces of the case, what realization does Bosch come to when he remembers that the lease on Meadows's apartment is up the next week?
(a) There is going to be another murder.
(b) The diamonds are going to be stolen during the three-day weekend.
(c) The diamonds are going to be stolen within the next few months.
(d) The owner of the pawn shop is involved in the bank heist.

8. After finding the documents in the FBI jacket, what does Bosch say to Rourke during their phone call?
(a) Rourke killed Sharkey.
(b) Wish killed Sharkey.
(c) Lewis and Clarke were in Saigon at the same time Meadows was there.
(d) Rourke was Meadows's commanding officer in Saigon.

9. Why does Bosch want Wish to conduct the interview of Binh?
(a) He is too nervous adequately question Binh.
(b) He thinks Binh will respond better to a federal agent.
(c) He knows that Wish is the murderer.
(d) He knows that Binh killed Wish's brother.

10. When Bosch demands to Pounds that the IAD tail be pulled, how does Pounds react?
(a) He calls Lewis and Clarke and tells them to stop following Bosch.
(b) He is angry.
(c) He is clearly surprised.
(d) He refuses.

11. Who is missing when Bosch finishes watching Tran leave the vault area?
(a) Wish.
(b) Tran's bodyguards.
(c) Binh.
(d) Rourke.

12. When Villabona runs the name search, which name does he recognize?
(a) Ngo Khanh.
(b) Gordon Scales.
(c) Irvin Irving.
(d) Ngo Van Binh.

13. When Bosch firsts asks Clarke why the IAD is still trailing him, what is Clarke's response?
(a) Tells Bosch that Wish has ordered it.
(b) Tells Lewis to tell Bosch the reason.
(c) Screams obscenities at him.
(d) Silence.

14. When the BHS&L alarm goes off, what does Bosch realize?
(a) Rourke's have figure out what Rourke is doing.
(b) Rourke's men have walked into the trap.
(c) Binh is not really behind the bank heist.
(d) Tran has set up a trap.

15. After Bosch hears the information from Ernst's background check, what does Bosch postulate?
(a) Binh may have killed Sharkey.
(b) Sharkey is "part of Binh's VIP treatment."
(c) Meadows is "part of Binh's VIP treatment."
(d) Tran killed Meadows.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Bosch is in the hospital, what is the status of Rourke?

2. What kind of uniforms is the SWAT team going to wear, according to Rourke's directions?

3. What do Lewis and Clarke see Bosch doing at the Malibu Pier?

4. When Lewis pulls Avery over, what does he ask him?

5. When Bremmer calls Edgar with suspicions about what The Times is reporting, what does Edgar say?

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