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Michael Connelly
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Bosch asks Rourke about stationing men inside the vault, how does Rourke respond?
(a) He reminds him of the danger from blast injury.
(b) Rourke tells him to leave the plans to him.
(c) Rourke says that he is confident that his plan will work.
(d) He says that the men inside the vault will not get hurt.

2. When Bosch returns Villabona's call, what does Villabona tell him?
(a) He has Binh's file in his hands.
(b) Bosch needs to tell Rourke everything he knows immediately.
(c) A new witness has come forward.
(d) Binh's file is classified and he can't get it.

3. Why does Villabona recognize the name that stands out to him during the name search?
(a) Bosch tells Villabona that he fought with the man in Vietnam.
(b) He is a relative of Meadows's.
(c) The man has high political connections in Washington, D. C.
(d) Rourke had told Villabona about him earlier that day.

4. When Bosch sees Veronica Niese's name, of what is he reminded?
(a) Sharkey and Rourke knew one another.
(b) Sharkey's interview tape has not been transcribed.
(c) He never examined Sharkey's apartment.
(d) Meadows and Sharkey knew one another.

5. When Bremmer calls Edgar with suspicions about what The Times is reporting, what does Edgar say?
(a) The Times is lying.
(b) Lewis and Clarke murdered Meadows.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Rourke was beind the entire heist.

6. After Bosch hears the information from Ernst's background check, what does Bosch postulate?
(a) Tran killed Meadows.
(b) Meadows is "part of Binh's VIP treatment."
(c) Sharkey is "part of Binh's VIP treatment."
(d) Binh may have killed Sharkey.

7. What are the instructions that Irving gives to Lewis during their meeting?
(a) Sneak into Wish's apartment and plant a listening device.
(b) Arrest Bosch.
(c) Arrest Wish.
(d) Watch Bosch and Wish all night long and phone him for approval before moving in.

8. An hour after their conversation with Avery, where are Bosch and Wish?
(a) In an empty parking garage with a view of Tran.
(b) In an empty parking garage with a view of the locked vault.
(c) Back at the FBI offices.
(d) In the BHS&L building.

9. When Lewis pulls Avery over, what does he ask him?
(a) If he knows where Binh and Tran are.
(b) Help in setting Bosch up to take the hit for the heist.
(c) Help in figuring out what illegalities Bosch is up to.
(d) How to get into the vault.

10. After his discussion with Wish about Niese's death, what does Bosch intend to do?
(a) Tell Rourke that he needs to handle the situation.
(b) Find out who killed him.
(c) Kill the man who killed him.
(d) Let Wish take over the case because he is too emotionally involved.

11. What is the name of the Captain who escaped with Binh.
(a) Irvin Irving.
(b) Nguyen Khanh.
(c) Trinh Khanh.
(d) Nguyen Tran.

12. After Rourke looks at the schematic that Gearson gives him, what does Rourke announce?
(a) Bosch is off of the case.
(b) They are going in after them immediately.
(c) That it is too dangerous to go in after the men.
(d) Binh and Tran have put them on the wrong trail.

13. When Bosch and Wish approach Wish's apartment and a car drives straight toward them, what do they do?
(a) Run away.
(b) Fire with their weapons at the oncoming vehicle.
(c) Jump on to the hood of the vehicle.
(d) Call 911.

14. When Bosch and Wish speak to Avery, about what is he skeptical?
(a) That Binh is involved in the heist.
(b) That anyone can invade his vault.
(c) That Bosch and Wish are who they say they are.
(d) The identities of Binh and Tran.

15. What documents does Bosch find from the FBI jacket?
(a) Documents implicating Bosch in the Dollmaker case.
(b) Papers on the jewelry that was stolen during the WestLand caper.
(c) Photos of Binh holding Meadows's dead body.
(d) Medical records and a letter from a congressman to Meadows.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bosch do with the tape in the recorder?

2. With what activity was Binh connected?

3. As Bosch crouches near the body of Niese, what does he realize?

4. In what hospital does Bosch find himself?

5. When Ernst runs a background check on Binh, what does he find?

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