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Michael Connelly
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After introducing her to Avery, what does Wish tell Bosch during a private conversation?
(a) She is in love with him.
(b) She has discovered that Lewis and Clarke behind the whole bank heist plot.
(c) She really is behind the entire bank heist.
(d) They need to stall until Rourke talks to DWP and sends in a tunnel crew.

2. What does Rourke tell Bosch about the Internal Affairs Department?
(a) They are the ones responsible for Niese's death.
(b) They have stopped trailing Bosch.
(c) They have decided to crack this case, no matter what.
(d) They are still on Bosch's trail.

3. With what activity was Binh connected?
(a) Spying.
(b) Embezzlement.
(c) Child trafficking.
(d) Converting funds to diamonds.

4. When Bosch and Wish speak to Avery, about what is he skeptical?
(a) The identities of Binh and Tran.
(b) That Bosch and Wish are who they say they are.
(c) That Binh is involved in the heist.
(d) That anyone can invade his vault.

5. As he continues to think about the pieces of the case, what realization does Bosch come to when he remembers that the lease on Meadows's apartment is up the next week?
(a) There is going to be another murder.
(b) The owner of the pawn shop is involved in the bank heist.
(c) The diamonds are going to be stolen within the next few months.
(d) The diamonds are going to be stolen during the three-day weekend.

6. While Bosch keeps watch and Wish reports to Rourke, what does Wish tell him?
(a) Their contact at the State Department found the file they were looking for.
(b) She has spotted Binh and Tran.
(c) SWAT has noticed a beige jeep pulling a trailer with ATVs on it.
(d) That Bosch suspects it is Rourke who is really behind all of this.

7. About what does Wish speculate as she works at a desk?
(a) Rourke wanted to kill all his accomplices so he could keep the diamonds from the first heist.
(b) Lewis and Clarke wanted the diamonds for themselves.
(c) Irving wanted in on the profit from the diamonds.
(d) Rourke wanted all his accomplices to help him with the second heist.

8. About what is Pounds most angry regarding the car Bosch pulls over?
(a) He is with Wish.
(b) He is working on the case.
(c) He pulled over a lawyer.
(d) He still doesn't know who killed Meadows.

9. What warning does Bosch give to Binh?
(a) Binh's murder is being planned.
(b) Not to go after Tran.
(c) He had better respect Wish.
(d) He will pay for what he has done.

10. What does Wish believe about the person who killed Niese?
(a) She is convinced that he was killed by a friend.
(b) She is not convinced that he was killed by someone on the inside.
(c) She thinks they killed the wrong man.
(d) She thinks he was killed by someone on the inside.

11. While Bosch is in the tunnel, what does he realize?
(a) The ATVs that SWAT is taking out are decoys.
(b) Wish is working with Rourke.
(c) He should have waited for backup.
(d) He should have followed the SWAT.

12. What is the name of the recorder Bosch finds?
(a) Nagra recorder.
(b) Black box.
(c) Voice-messaging recording device.
(d) Miller recorder.

13. On what fact does Pounds agree with Rourke?
(a) They both think that Bosch should be off of the case.
(b) They think that going into the underground pipes is a good idea.
(c) That going into the underground pipes is too risky.
(d) They both think that Wish should be off of the case.

14. What does Bosch do before he drives away from where he watches Villabona do the name search?
(a) Calls Wish.
(b) Confronts Lewis and Clarke in the IAD car.
(c) Asks Villabona to keep the name search confidential.
(d) Confirms that Lewis and Clarke are following him in the IAD car.

15. Who is Ed Gearson?
(a) DWP Underground Facilities Supervisor.
(b) INS work who gives Bosch more information on Binh.
(c) FBI Agent working with Rourke.
(d) LAPD Detective who has always been Bosch's enemy.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Lewis pulls Avery over, what does he ask him?

2. What do Lewis and Clarke do as Bosch travels up the highway?

3. Why does Villabona recognize the name that stands out to him during the name search?

4. In what hospital does Bosch find himself?

5. When Rourke pushes Bosch down, what does Rourke tell him?

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