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Michael Connelly
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Bosch's confrontation with Wish, what happens when he returns to the police station?
(a) Bosch is told that he and Edgar are off of the case.
(b) Bosch is told that he will be allowed to remain on the case, but that Edgar has been taken off of it.
(c) He finds a folder full of evidence on the bank heist sitting on his desk.
(d) Bosch is told that he is off of the case, but that Edgar will remain on it.

2. What is the clue that Bosch finds when he searches the victim's apartment?
(a) Two broken windows.
(b) A gun.
(c) A photo album of the Vietnam War.
(d) A shattered picture frame with a photo of Vietnam tunnel rats.

3. What kind of vehicle does Sharkey say he saw?
(a) A pickup truck.
(b) A Chevrolet station wagon.
(c) A Jeep.
(d) A small, compact car.

4. After getting 343 hits in the moniker file, what does Bosch do in his data search?
(a) He includes blacks and Latinos in the search.
(b) He excludes blacks and Latinos from the search.
(c) He excludes Asians and Latinos in the search.
(d) He inclues Asians and Latinos in the search.

5. When detective Bosch arrives at the crime scene, what does he have to do to confirm the death?
(a) Looks through the bushes for evidence.
(b) Crawls inside the pipe to see the body.
(c) Walks along the dam to search for clues.
(d) Searches for evidence near the reservoir.

6. What is the time and day of the week that the FBI thinks the thieves end the heist?
(a) 3 AM on Monday.
(b) 3 AM on Tuesday.
(c) Midnight on Saturday.
(d) 8 AM on Monday.

7. Once in the Grand Am, what does Sharkey plan?
(a) To kill his kidnappers.
(b) To get to the hospital as quickly as he can.
(c) A hit and run.
(d) To go straight to Bosch.

8. After Bosch reviews the newspaper articles and returns to the police station, who or what does he notice?
(a) The pawn shop ticket is missing from his pocket.
(b) The victim's mother is waiting in the lobby.
(c) Additional newspaper articles regarding the bank heist have been placed on his desk.
(d) A young boy is handcuffed to the bench.

9. When Bosch receives a call from agent Wish after he completes the data check, what does Wish tell him?
(a) That they found more evidence at the crime scene.
(b) That the FBI has changed their minds about letting him participate in the case.
(c) That the FBI is keeping the investigation out of the papers.
(d) That another witness has come forward.

10. When Bosch and Wish return from Ventura County and go to the federal building, what does Wish do?
(a) Collapses from exhaustion.
(b) Looks through files.
(c) Runs Scales's list and orders mug shots.
(d) Goes to talk to her supervisor.

11. What does agent Wish say about the pipes in the city?
(a) The underground pipes in the city are in terrible condition.
(b) There are 1,500 miles of underground pipes.
(c) There are 300 miles of underground pipes.
(d) The underground pipe system is one of the most sophisticated in the country.

12. What does agent Wish say is significant about the pipes in the city?
(a) The underground pipes allow anyone to get near any building in the city.
(b) The pipes have security cameras in them.
(c) The pipes are leaking badly and no one can get through them.
(d) The underground pipe system is extensive but no criminal is sophisticated enough to figure out how to get around in them.

13. What does the pawn shop owner show Bosch?
(a) A Polaroid of the ring.
(b) A Polaroid of the bracelet.
(c) A photo of the Vietnam War-era gun.
(d) A digital photo of the bracelet.

14. How does the FBI think the criminals are hiding their activities from the DWP inspectors?
(a) They cover their hole with plywood coated with concrete.
(b) The DWP inspectors never go to the area in which they are working, so they don't need to worry about it.
(c) They have a guy working for them within the DWP.
(d) They cover the hole with a large piece of metal sheeting.

15. What does Sakai assume to be the cause of death?
(a) Knife wound.
(b) Hot load.
(c) Heart attack.
(d) Stroke.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bosch tell Special Agent Wish when he meets with her for the first time?

2. Once the interrogation is completely over, where does Sharkey go?

3. After finishing the search at the crime scene, what does Bosch ask Edgar to do?

4. How many ex-tunnelers does Wish say they find living in Southern California?

5. Before calling into the pipe, what does Sharkey wait for?

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