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Michael Connelly
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the pawn shop owner?
(a) Oscar Obinna.
(b) William Meadows.
(c) Edgar Obinna.
(d) Oscar Osara.

2. When Bosch and Wish return from Ventura County and go to the federal building, what does Wish do?
(a) Looks through files.
(b) Collapses from exhaustion.
(c) Runs Scales's list and orders mug shots.
(d) Goes to talk to her supervisor.

3. Where was Bosch when he was away on his "extended vacation"?
(a) In a cottage on the coast of Oregon because he needed some rest.
(b) In Mexico, serving a suspension for the Dollmaker case.
(c) With his children in DisneyWorld.
(d) At his parents' house, in Maine.

4. How does the FBI think the thieves get into the vault?
(a) They crawl through the air vents in the ceiling of the bank.
(b) They use an explosive device to get through the concrete.
(c) They bore through five feet of concrete and steel.
(d) They have their woman working for the bank unlock the vault for them.

5. What makes the graffiti artist hide in the bushes?
(a) He hears a truck approaching along the access road.
(b) He sees a large animal.
(c) A policeman spots his graffiti work.
(d) He thinks he is going to get caught drawing the graffiti.

6. When Sharkey is done providing information, what does Bosch say he wants to do with Sharkey?
(a) Hospitalize him.
(b) Arrest him.
(c) Hypnotize him.
(d) Detain him.

7. When Bosch and Wish return from Ventura County and go the federal building, what does Bosch do?
(a) Calls St. Louis.
(b) Looks through more evidence.
(c) Calls Washington, D. C.
(d) Talks to his supervisor.

8. After getting 343 hits in the moniker file, what does Bosch do in his data search?
(a) He includes blacks and Latinos in the search.
(b) He inclues Asians and Latinos in the search.
(c) He excludes Asians and Latinos in the search.
(d) He excludes blacks and Latinos from the search.

9. Why can't Sharkey review the mug shots of the two ex-convicts?
(a) Sharkey and his crew have disappeared.
(b) Sharkey is sick and in the hospital.
(c) Sharkey has been kidnapped.
(d) Sharkey is scared to talk to Bosch again.

10. How does the FBI think the criminals are hiding their activities from the DWP inspectors?
(a) They cover the hole with a large piece of metal sheeting.
(b) They have a guy working for them within the DWP.
(c) They cover their hole with plywood coated with concrete.
(d) The DWP inspectors never go to the area in which they are working, so they don't need to worry about it.

11. How does Bosch find the pawn shop ticket?
(a) It was in Meadows's pants pocket.
(b) Meadows's mother gives it to him.
(c) It it sitting on the kitchen table of Meadows's apartment.
(d) It falls out of a picture frame.

12. Why does Sharkey climb into a Grand Am?
(a) It is his mother's car.
(b) He is forced to climb in at gun point.
(c) It is the only way he can get to a hospital quickly.
(d) Because the driver is wearing a Rolex, and Sharkey thinks he will get $3000 for it.

13. After Bosch's confrontation with Wish, what happens when he returns to the police station?
(a) He finds a folder full of evidence on the bank heist sitting on his desk.
(b) Bosch is told that he will be allowed to remain on the case, but that Edgar has been taken off of it.
(c) Bosch is told that he is off of the case, but that Edgar will remain on it.
(d) Bosch is told that he and Edgar are off of the case.

14. How many ex-convicts serve in Vietnam while Meadows is there?
(a) 15.
(b) 250.
(c) 100.
(d) 500.

15. Once pressed for more details, what does Sharkey say he saw the driver of the vehicle do?
(a) Threaten to kill a man who was riding in the passenger side of the vehicle if he doesn't help with the body.
(b) Scream at a woman about what they should do with a body.
(c) Pull a body out from under a blanket.
(d) Kill a man.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Bosch reviews the newspaper articles and returns to the police station, who or what does he notice?

2. Once the interrogation is completely over, where does Sharkey go?

3. When Bosch offers to tread lightly if he cooperates, what does Scales give to Bosch?

4. The Charlie Company outreach program is tended by whom?

5. For whom does Detective Bosch work?

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