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Michael Connelly
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Bosch confronts Wish about the files she has pulled, what does she tell him?
(a) That they have just found a crucial piece of evidence.
(b) A new witness in Meadows's murder has surfaced.
(c) That he is off the case at the FBI's request.
(d) The case has been partially solved, and they could not have done it without him.

2. What does agent Wish say is significant about the pipes in the city?
(a) The underground pipes allow anyone to get near any building in the city.
(b) The pipes have security cameras in them.
(c) The pipes are leaking badly and no one can get through them.
(d) The underground pipe system is extensive but no criminal is sophisticated enough to figure out how to get around in them.

3. What documents does Bosch find from the FBI jacket?
(a) Papers on the jewelry that was stolen during the WestLand caper.
(b) Photos of Binh holding Meadows's dead body.
(c) Documents implicating Bosch in the Dollmaker case.
(d) Medical records and a letter from a congressman to Meadows.

4. What does Avery tell Bosch and Wish has happened during the last two nights at BHS&L?
(a) The vault alarm went off.
(b) The vault alarms should have gone off, but they didn't.
(c) The workers noticed some unusual activity.
(d) Avery noticed some activity within BHS&L that bothered him.

5. Why did Meadows's work for the utilities companies end?
(a) Medical issues.
(b) Being overqualified.
(c) Promotions.
(d) Drugs and absenteeism.

Short Answer Questions

1. About what is Pounds most angry regarding the car Bosch pulls over?

2. What is the clue that Bosch finds when he searches the victim's apartment?

3. Where do Bosch and Wish meet so that Bosch can exchange the damaged car?

4. Why can't Sharkey review the mug shots of the two ex-convicts?

5. As Wish summarizes the crime, what does she say the FBI suspects the criminals are doing with regard to the underground pipe system?

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