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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the enchantress say she's going to turn Taran and the others into toads?
(a) She doesn't say why.
(b) She can't have people poking and prying into her home.
(c) She needs to practice her toad spell.
(d) She is mean.

2. What does Fflewddur do to try to cheer up the group after a day of traveling with the cauldron?
(a) Tells jokes.
(b) Maps out the distance they covered.
(c) Builds a fire for warmth.
(d) Sings and plays his harp.

3. What does Eilonwy respond when Ellidyr says Taran will break his promise?
(a) Ellidyr would break his promises, but that they aren't like him.
(b) Ellidyr is a hateful man.
(c) She will make sure Taran keeps his word.
(d) Taran is a man of his word.

4. When does Orddu say she last saw Ellidyr.
(a) She saw him almost a week ago.
(b) She hasn't seen him.
(c) She say him that morning.
(d) She saw him two days ealier.

5. What were the three items from which Dallben was allowed to choose when he left the home of the enchantresses?
(a) A wagon, a chair, and a bed.
(b) A magic wand, a magic potion, and a magic cauldron.
(c) The Book of Three, a harp, and a sword.
(d) A horse, a donkey, and a bicycle.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Orddu first suggest Taran might trade for the cauldron?

2. Who is the first to cross the river?

3. In the opening of Chapter Eighteen, what time of day is it when Taran regains his senses?

4. Why does the enchantress Orwen say she suggested that Taran and the others be turned into something besides toads?

5. In Chapter Twelve, how does Orgoch clear the crockery off the table?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the proposition Morgant offers to Taran and why does he say he's making the offer?

2. List two things that happen to Taran and the group as they are traveling in Chapter Sixteen.

3. What does Taran see when, during the night, they peek through the window of the cottage?

4. How did Dallben swallow some of the wisdom potion?

5. What do Taran and the others do to try to destroy the cauldron and what are the results of those efforts?

6. In the opening paragraphs of Chapter Twenty, what knocks Taran down and how does Taran figure out what it is?

7. What are the conditions Ellidyr places on his help moving the cauldron and what are his reasons for those conditions?

8. How does Taran's group find the cauldron?

9. How do the enchantresses say Arawn got the cauldron and why was he allowed to do that?

10. In Chapter Nineteen, what does Ellidyr say about the "black beast" and is the black beast a real creature?

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