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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Gurgi find the cauldron?
(a) In the kitchen.
(b) In the chicken roost.
(c) In the marsh.
(d) In the cottage.

2. What does Islimach do after seeing Ellidyr's body?
(a) Pushes at Ellidyr as if to try to wake him.
(b) Plunges to his death off a cliff.
(c) Puts his head down to hide his tears.
(d) Moves to Taran's side.

3. Near the end of Chapter Sixteen, what does Taran say the cauldron looks like from its place in the edge of the river.
(a) A menacing monster.
(b) A horrible hag.
(c) A glowering beast of prey.
(d) A nasty, evil pot.

4. Why does Orddu say they can't take the cloaks from the members of the group?
(a) The can make their own.
(b) They aren't that pretty.
(c) They would die from cold.
(d) They won't fit.

5. In the opening lines of Chapter Eleven, what happens to make Taran drop his sword?
(a) A fairy lights on hs hand and startles him.
(b) The sword becomes too hot for him to hold.
(c) A warrior strikes his hand with a hammer.
(d) The sword turns into a snake.

6. What does Taran say the three enchantresses are doing when he peeks into the cottage at night?
(a) Cooking a potion from herbs.
(b) Carding wool, spinning, and weaving.
(c) Chanting and dancing.
(d) Cooking frog legs.

7. Why does Orddu say they are willing to part with the cauldron?
(a) Because it's good for nothing except creating cauldron-born.
(b) Because it's too heavy to be useful.
(c) Because they want to be kind to Dallben.
(d) Because they like Taran.

8. Why does Gwydion say Morgant should be honored?
(a) Because he was once a great man.
(b) Because he captured Ellidyr.
(c) Because he died valiantly.
(d) Because he didn't use the cauldron.

9. In the opening of Chapter Sixteen, why does Taran say they must keep to the forest?
(a) For cover from the snow storm that's soon to arrive.
(b) For cover to hide from the gwythaints.
(c) For a source of food.
(d) It's the shortest way.

10. What does Gurgi offer to trade for the cauldron?
(a) A packet of magic powder.
(b) His bow and arrow.
(c) His work.
(d) Food.

11. Why does Taran say he doesn't dare lead them through the marshes toward Caer Dallben?
(a) He has lost the map.
(b) The horses have to walk side by side and the path is too narrow.
(c) Without the brooch, they'll probably die in quicksand.
(d) With the heavy cauldron, they'll probably drown.

12. Who pulls the ropes while Taran pushes at the cauldron in an effort to get it out of the river?
(a) Eilonwy, Gurdi, and the horses.
(b) Fflewddur and Gurdi.
(c) Fflewddur and Eilonwy.
(d) Taran and the horses.

13. Why does the enchantress Orwen say she suggested that Taran and the others be turned into something besides toads?
(a) For variety.
(b) She has too many toads already.
(c) She wants to try a new spell.
(d) She hates toads.

14. What happens to the cauldron when Taran and the others put it in the sunshine?
(a) It turns as red as blood.
(b) It begins to bubble.
(c) It melts.
(d) It begins to groan.

15. Where does Fflewddur say Ellidyr has gone?
(a) Toward the marsh.
(b) To join Arawn.
(c) He doesn't know.
(d) To Caer Dallben.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Taran hits the cauldron with his hammer?

2. What does Taran ask Ellidyr to help them do?

3. Where is Gurgi when Taran and the others are facing the enchantress?

4. What does Taran say when the enchantresses ask for Eilonwy's name?

5. What does Eilonwy tell Taran about the food the enchantresses put before them?

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