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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Fflewddur offer to trade for the cauldron?
(a) His horse.
(b) His earring.
(c) His harp
(d) His magic lamp.

2. What does Taran ask Ellidyr to help them do?
(a) Find Dallben and bring him to them..
(b) Leave.
(c) Find an easier path.
(d) Take the cauldron to Dallben or at least help get it out of the river.

3. What does Taran see as soon as the group steps into Morgant's tent?
(a) The cauldron, broken to pieces.
(b) Ellidyr, beaten and bound.
(c) Doli, eating and laughing.
(d) The cauldron, set up and ready to be used.

4. Why does Fflewddur say Taran should go to sleep immediately?
(a) To get some rest so he can stand watch later.
(b) To recover his courage.
(c) To make the enchantresses worry.
(d) To dream of something that will help them.

5. What does Gurgi offer to trade for the cauldron?
(a) His bow and arrow.
(b) His work.
(c) A packet of magic powder.
(d) Food.

6. What is the idea Taran comes up with to make the cauldron easier to carry once they are in the woods?
(a) They break it into pieces.
(b) They build a sling with vines and branches.
(c) They carve wheels to make a crude cart.
(d) They roll it.

7. What does Orddu offer to do to help Taran and the others get back to Dallben faster?
(a) Give them a map with a shortcut.
(b) Send them with magic.
(c) Take them by boat.
(d) Turn them into birds.

8. What does Gurgi do during the night while Taran and the others are trying to escape?
(a) Tries to cut through Fflewddur's bindings.
(b) He's unconscious and does nothing.
(c) Tries to untie his bindings.
(d) Cries.

9. Where does Orwen say she and the others first found Dallben.
(a) In a battle.
(b) In a pumpkin patch.
(c) In the castle.
(d) In a wicker basket in the marsh.

10. What does Orddu call the Black Cauldron?
(a) The Black Crochan.
(b) The Dark Cauldron.
(c) The Dark Crockery.
(d) The Black Kettle.

11. Why does Orddu say she didn't steal the brooch?
(a) It's power remains only if it's given willingly.
(b) She has too much pride.
(c) She wanted to give Taran a chance to give it up.
(d) It is impossible to remove it from the one who wears it.

12. When does Orddu say she last saw Ellidyr.
(a) She hasn't seen him.
(b) She saw him almost a week ago.
(c) She saw him two days ealier.
(d) She say him that morning.

13. Where does Eilonwy first see the gwythaints?
(a) Coming from the river.
(b) Sneaking among the bushes.
(c) Sitting in a tree.
(d) Flying overhead.

14. Why does Orddu say the three enchantresses have the cauldron?
(a) They don't have it.
(b) They stole it.
(c) Arawn lost it in the marshes.
(d) It belongs to them.

15. Near the end of Chapter Sixteen, what does Taran say the cauldron looks like from its place in the edge of the river.
(a) A horrible hag.
(b) A glowering beast of prey.
(c) A nasty, evil pot.
(d) A menacing monster.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Gwydion say he knows Coll is eager to begin?

2. What does Eilonwy tell Taran about the food the enchantresses put before them?

3. What role does Morgant play in binding Taran and his friends?

4. Who does Orddu say created the brooch?

5. Why does Eilonwy say she believes Taran is the best Assistant Pig-Keeper in the region?

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