The Black Cauldron Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why does Doli say being invisible isn't a good thing?

Doli says it takes a great deal of effort on his part and that it makes his ears ring. He says the worst thing is that people are always stepping on his toes or jabbing him in the eye because they can't see him.

2. Briefly describe Smoit's first meeting with Taran.

Smoit sees Taran and asks if he might be "a skinned rabbit" or a "plucked chicken." The bard says Taran is Dallben's Assistant Pig-Keeper, and Smoit says he wishes Taran were the cook because he's hungry.

3. What are the "Cauldron-Born?"

The Cauldron-Born are a race of people who serve the Lord of Annuvin. They are made of the stolen bodies of the dead and are soaked in Arawn's cauldron, a process that brings them back to life. They are not human and don't speak.

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