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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 17-18, The Choice, and The Loss.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Adaon say he dreamed about Morgant?
(a) That he was carrying Doli's body.
(b) That he was carrying the black cauldron.
(c) That his sword was broken and weeping blood.
(d) That he was victorious.

2. What are the first words Ellidyr says to Taran and the others when they are reunited in Chapter Seventeen?
(a) Where have you been?
(b) Were you trying to lose me?
(c) Am I glad to see you!
(d) Well met, brave company of scarecrows.

3. Where does Doli say the Huntsmen are camped?
(a) In the valley below the entrance to Gwystyl's cave.
(b) Just above the entrance to Gwystyl's cave.
(c) Over the rise.
(d) Just outside the entrance to Gwystyl's cave.

4. What does Eilonwy respond when Ellidyr says Taran will break his promise?
(a) Taran is a man of his word.
(b) Ellidyr would break his promises, but that they aren't like him.
(c) She will make sure Taran keeps his word.
(d) Ellidyr is a hateful man.

5. In the opening lines of Chapter Eleven, what happens to make Taran drop his sword?
(a) The sword becomes too hot for him to hold.
(b) A fairy lights on hs hand and startles him.
(c) The sword turns into a snake.
(d) A warrior strikes his hand with a hammer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What time of day is it when Taran and the others reach the Marshes of Morva?

2. What does Taran say the three enchantresses are doing when he peeks into the cottage at night?

3. Who does Adaon say is waiting for his return?

4. What were the three items from which Dallben was allowed to choose when he left the home of the enchantresses?

5. What is Gwystyl wearing on his shoulders?

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