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The Black Cauldron/The Black Crochan

A magical container that once belonged to the three enchantresses Orgoch, Orwen, and Orddu,

Adaon's Brooch

A magical piece of jewelry that bestows wisdom on its wearer.

Eilonwy's Bauble

Apparently a gemstone or sphere that can create light in any situation.

Fflewddur's Harp

A magical instrument that plays beautiful music.


Taran's horse.


Ellidyr's horse.


Adaon's horse.


Gwydion's horse.

The Book of Three

A written document containing all the knowledge that can be known in the world.


The magical land in which this story is set.

The Marshes of Morva

A swampy area in which the three enchantresses Orgoch, Orwen, and Orddu live in a small dilapidated cottage.

Gwystyl's Waypost

A shelter hidden in an embankment, close to the entrance to Annuvin.

The Fair Folk

A magical race comprising of dwarves, elves, fairies, and other such creatures.


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