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Sarah Dunant
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3: Chapters 35-39.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Savonarola most often preach about?
(a) The way to heaven.
(b) The immoral men.
(c) The end of the world.
(d) The faults of women.

2. Why does the painter grid the roof of the chapel in Chapter 15?
(a) To measure it.
(b) To fix it from the damage he did.
(c) To avoid talking to Alessandra.
(d) To prepare it for painting.

3. Why does Alessandra sneak out of the chapel in Chapter 8?
(a) Because the noise scared her.
(b) Because she could be punished.
(c) Because she doesn't want to talk to the painter anymore.
(d) Because it is late at night.

4. Where does Alessandra find the book with the inscription from Lorenzo?
(a) A store in town.
(b) Tomaso's room.
(c) The painter's bag.
(d) Cristoforo's library.

5. Why does Alessandra want medicine in Chapter 9?
(a) Because her stomach hurts.
(b) Because of a headache.
(c) Because she has been having trouble sleeping.
(d) Because she wants an excuse to see the painter.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Alessandra first sits for the painter, what does she ask him about talent?

2. Why does Alessandra say the painter suffers from boils?

3. When does Savonarola return to preach after being excommunicated?

4. What does Alessandra do when she hears a noise in the chapel in Chapter 8?

5. Why does Alessandra see the painter leave her house at night in Chapter 4?

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