Objects & Places from The Birth of Venus

Sarah Dunant
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Snake Tattoo

This is how Alessandra mourns the loss of the painter.

Alessandra's Drawings

These are kept hidden because of restrictions put on women.

Painter's Drawings

One of these includes a reference to a dead man.

Wedding Chest

This represents a family's wealth.

Art Studio

This is a gift Cristoforo gives to Alessandra.

Santa Caterina

This serves as the theme of the fresco in the chapel.

Alessandra's Chapel

This location is permissive regarding gender roles.

Art Books

These help Alessandra and serve as gifts to others.


This is a gift the painter gives Alessandra.

Cecchi Family Chapel

This is what the painter is hired to work on.

The Manuscript

This is what Cristoforo leaves Alessandra after he dies.

Army of Angels

This is a group of young boys who patrol the streets of Florence under the guidance of Savonarola.

Florence, Tuscany

This is where artistic discovery is...

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