The Birth of Venus Fun Activities

Sarah Dunant
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Create a drawing or a collage that represents one of the frescoes described in this novel. Quote the passages you use to make your fresco.

Family Tree

Make a family tree for Alessandra. Include extra-marital affairs.

Savonarola's Rules

Create a list of rules for surviving under Savonarola's leadership.


Pretend you are a nun living with Alessandra. Keep a diary detailing your relationship with her.

Graphic Novel

Turn a chapter of this novel into a chapter from a graphic novel.

Wedding Planner

Plan a more extravagant wedding for Alessandra. Why do you think she would like the details included in your wedding?


Create the cover of a tabloid that features the biggest dramas and conflicts in this novel.

Michelangelo's Works

Find an example of Michelangelo's artwork and use it as the basis of a poster explaining how this chosen work reflects the themes or characters of...

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