The Birth of Venus Character Descriptions

Sarah Dunant
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Alessandra Cecchi Langella

This character chooses marriage over being sent to a convent.

The Painter

This character is raised in a monastery after the deaths of his parents.


This character is from an African country and works as a maid.

Cristoforo Langella

This character marries to mask his homosexuality and later fakes his death.

Tomaso Cecchi

This character is disfigured from boils and becomes bitter.

Mrs. Cecchi

This character is well-educated because she was taught alongside her brothers.


This character's daughter dies during the plague.


This character is a power-hungry monk who is hanged by a group of angry citizens.

Lorenzo de Medici

This character is a leader of Florence who promotes the arts until his death.

Nuns at Santa Vitella's Convent

These characters struggle with following the last wishes of a friend.

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