The Birth of Venus Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Sarah Dunant
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Prologue and Part 1: Chapters 1-2

• In "Prologue," a nun dies and is discovered to have a fake tumor and a tattoo.

• Alessandra's father brings home a painter, who she hopes to learn from.

• Alessandra's family argues about who the painter should paint first.

• Alessandra's family prepares for her sister's wedding.

• Alessandra feels second-class compared to her siblings.

Part 1: Chapters 3-6

• Alessandra is told that her father is looking for a husband for her even though Alessandra does not want to be married.

• Alessandra finds it difficult to paint because she feels she doesn't know enough.

• Alessandra sits for the painter with a servant as an escort.

• The painter refuses to speak to Alessandra until she brings up Florence.

• Alessandra has her servant give the painter an art book.

• Alessandra's family attends the services for Lorenzo de' Medici.

• A murder occurs near Alessandra's town and is unsolved.

Part 1: Chapters 7-10

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