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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the bird draw blood from Nat during the first attack?

2. Why doesn’t Mrs. Hocken immediately open the door for Nat when he runs home?

3. What do the seagulls camouflage while Nat is burying the bird bodies?

4. How long does Nat wait at the bus stop before Jill’s bus arrives?

5. At what time is the news broadcast in the evening?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Nat rush to the bus stop, early, to meet Jill from school?

2. What theory does Mrs. Trigg present as the origins of the strange birds?

3. When does Nat typically watch the birds, and what does he notice about them when the story opens?

4. Who does Nat speak to while at the bus stop, and what is their reaction to his call?

5. During the news broadcast at dinner that night, what insight does the announcer give into the attacks?

6. What does Mrs. Hocken think the army should do to battle the birds, and what is Nat’s reaction to his wife’s idea?

7. What supplies do the Hockens have at home, and what does Nat list as necessities to buy the next time he’s in town?

8. How is the weather described on the morning of the first bird attack?

9. What startling sight does Nat see while on the beach?

10. What does Nat Hocken do for a living, and why does he enjoy it?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The story's setting in an isolated English coastal town is critical to the plot. Do you believe this is so? If so, how does the setting of the story ultimately affect the plot, especially in terms of isolation? If the setting is not critical to the plot, why not? Explain how setting the story elsewhere would not affect the plot.

Essay Topic 2

Symbolism is an important element of "The Birds." Find three symbolic elements, incidents, or objects in the story. Explain how the elements are symbolic and why they are important.

Essay Topic 3

While "The Birds" is believed to have been allegorical to the Cold War, it is also believed that "The Birds" is a cautionary tale about the environment, or a warning about pushing nature too far. Which of these do you believe to be most accurate? Provide three examples from the text to support your claim. If you believe that "The Birds" is allegorical to all three options, provide one example speaking to each from the text.

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