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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 16-19.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With each attack, what has changed about the birds?
(a) Each attack has brought larger species of birds.
(b) Each attack has brought greater clarity to the birds’ behavior.
(c) Each attack has lessened the birds’ intensity.
(d) Each attack has created a new target for the birds.

2. What does Mr. Trigg offer Nat for protection against the birds?
(a) A gun.
(b) A net.
(c) A machete.
(d) Pepper spray.

3. What part of Mrs. Trigg’s body does Nat see and immediately know she is dead?
(a) Her arms.
(b) Her back.
(c) Her legs.
(d) Her eyes.

4. What reason does Nat give Jill as to why the birds won’t attack them on their way to the farm?
(a) Because the attacks are over now
(b) Because the tide hasn’t turned
(c) Because it’s light out
(d) Because they’re not hungry

5. During the first attack, how long does Nat battle against the birds in the bedroom?
(a) He has no idea.
(b) Fifteen minutes.
(c) Half an hour.
(d) Over an hour.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which character thinks an army attack against the birds would be a “waste of life”?

2. After battling birds in the kitchen, what does Nat ask his wife for?

3. When Nat sees the gulls circling overhead, what do they look like they’re waiting for?

4. Who does Mr. Trigg think has poisoned the birds?

5. Why doesn’t Nat ride along with Jill?

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