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● The story opens on December 3, when the weather has changed to winter, seemingly overnight.

● Nat Hocken, a wartime veteran, notices that the birds on his British peninsula have been acting strangely; he attributes this to the sudden change in weather.

● In bed that night, Nat hears a tapping at his window. He thinks it’s just the wind, but when he opens the window, a bird attacks him, drawing blood from his hand.

● Later, the tapping returns, and when Nat goes to the window, half a dozen birds fly straight toward his face.

● Nat hears screaming from his children’s bedroom and realizes that birds are attacking his young son and daughter as well.

● For the rest of the night, Nat battles tirelessly against the attacking birds. When dawn comes, bird corpses are strewn throughout his house.

● The family discusses the strange bird behavior. But, thinking...

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