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Spirit Island

This is the place where the infant Omakayas is found and abandoned by a group of fur traders.


This is a highly contagious disease that for centuries, on and off, destroyed entire European communities.

Moningwanaykaning (Island of the Golden-Breasted Woodpecker)

This is the island where Omakayas and her family make their home.

The Birchbark House

Omakayas and her family spend their spring and summer in this place constructed by Omakayas and her grandmother.

The Bear and her Cubs

Several times throughout the narrative, Omakayas encounters them, sometimes with their mother and sometimes without.

The Cabin

As fall deepens into winter, Omakayas and her family move from the birchbark house to this place in a nearby community.

Old Tallow's Coat

This is made up of many different sorts of cloth, furs, and skins as a powerful protection against the ravages of winter.


Throughout the narrative...

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