The Birchbark House Character Descriptions

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Omakayas (Little Frog)

She is the novel's central character and the book's plot and themes are simultaneously anchored and defined by her experiences, perceptions, insights and reactions.

Old Tallow

She is a mysterious mentor figure who is outspoken, sharp-tongued, reclusive and eccentric, the strong and independent.

Mama (Yellow Kettle), Deydey (Mikwam)

They are both complex, strong-willed individuals who play a powerful role in the development of Omakaya's identity and the narrative chronicling her discovery of that identity.

Grandmother (Nokomis)

She is a respected elder in the community of Ojibwa who models selflessness and compassion, caring for others and sacrificing self for their well being.


She is the oldest child in the family who is beautiful, vain, and at times condescending and somewhat nasty to her sister.


He is Omakayas' brother who is selfish, indulgent, spoiled, and a liar.


He is Omakayas' beloved baby brother, a...

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