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Part 1, The Girl from Spirit Island

• A group of voyageurs (canoeing fur traders) discovers that the only person left alive in a native village following a smallpox attack is baby girl.

• Although the baby is crying, she appears to be well fed, well dressed and cared for.

• Worried that they have contracted the disease, the voyageurs leave the baby and leave in their canoes.

• One of the voyageurs named Hat, thinks of his wife Tallow, who is afraid of nothing, unlike him.

Part 2, Neebin (Summer), Chapters 1 and 2

• Eight-year-old Omakayas explores a quiet swamp when she is called by her grandmother, Nokomis, who needs help with peeling birchbark to construct a summer house.

• Nokomis asks forgiveness from the spirit of the tree, makes a few cuts and peels the bark in long sheets.

• Omakayas' family includes her Mama, her father called Deydey, her older sister named Angeline, a younger...

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