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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How often does Kino visit Jiya and Setsu?
(a) One a year.
(b) Occasionally.
(c) Every day.
(d) Once a week.

2. Why does Jiya never speak of his loneliness since the big wave?
(a) He can't bear the pain.
(b) He thinks people must be bored with it.
(c) He doesn't like to re-live the past.
(d) He doesn't want anyone to be sad.

3. Jiya wants to marry a certain girl because she makes him laugh and _________________________.
(a) Works hard.
(b) Cooks good.
(c) Treats everyone kindly.
(d) Makes him forget the big wave.

4. How does Jiya feel seeing the men build the house on the beach?
(a) Spiteful.
(b) Angry.
(c) Sullen.
(d) Delighted.

5. Why does Jiya tell the Old Gentleman that his castle is not safe either?
(a) It is like living in a museum.
(b) It is filled with sneaky people.
(c) It will crumble if the earth shakes hard.
(d) It is too isolated for anyone to have friends.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jiya wakes only to _____________ and then goes back to sleep.

2. What does the Old Gentleman demand of his offer to adopt Jiya?

3. The Old Gentleman wishes to make Jiya his son if Jiya is ___________________________.

4. Kino's father says that only when Jiya _____________________ will he be happy again.

5. What can Kino tell about Jiya when he sees him after Jiya learns about the Old Gentleman's offer?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe how Jiya feels happiness when he returns to be part of Kino's family.

2. How does Kino's father respond to Kino when he states that the Japanese people are unlucky to live in the middle of so much danger?

3. What explanation do the two men give when Kino asks what they will do if the big wave comes back?

4. What is Kino's father's position on why Japanese people don't fear death?

5. What is it about the geography of where he lives that makes Kino think he and his family are unfortunate?

6. Kino's father says that Jiya will be happy again only when he is able to do what?

7. Where will Jiya build his house and what does he need in order to get started?

8. How does Jiya feel initially when he sees the new house being built on the beach?

9. What is Jiya's rationale for why the Old Gentleman's castle is no safer than a house on the beach?

10. How does Kino's father compare the gateway of death to the gateway of life so that Kino will have a better understanding?

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