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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is NOT a reason that Kino's father thinks Japanese people are fortunate?
(a) They love life because they live in danger.
(b) They do not fear death because it is part of life.
(c) They have beautiful art.
(d) They live bravely.

2. Kino's father equates the gateway of death to the gateway of __________________ so that Kino can understand it.
(a) Pleasure.
(b) Knowing.
(c) Pain.
(d) Life.

3. Who leads Kino and Jiya into the Old Gentleman's castle?
(a) Concierge.
(b) Butler.
(c) Old Gentleman.
(d) Gardener.

4. Why does Kino's father forbid Kino to speak to Jiya about the Old Gentleman's offer?
(a) Kino may not present the information accurately.
(b) Kino is not good about remembering details.
(c) Jiya always does whatever Kino says.
(d) Jiya must make his own decision.

5. Living in the midst of danger makes people _____________________.
(a) Angry and resentful.
(b) Loving and kind.
(c) Brave and strong.
(d) Nervous and skittish.

6. Why are the men building a house on the beach?
(a) Someone is paying them to do it.
(b) They are tired of not having their own home.
(c) They think it is a good location.
(d) They need more room for relatives.

7. What reason does the Old Gentleman give to Jiya for why he selected Jiya to be his son?
(a) Jiya is the best boy in the village.
(b) Jiya could teach him about fishing.
(c) Jiya gets good grades in school.
(d) Jiya is the best looking boy in the villag.e

8. Where do the surviving fishermen fish now?
(a) They work at the docks in big cities.
(b) They do not fish anymore.
(c) They rent big boats to go further out.
(d) New shores.

9. What can Kino tell about Jiya when he sees him after Jiya learns about the Old Gentleman's offer?
(a) He seems relieved.
(b) He looks ill.
(c) He has been crying.
(d) He looks happy.

10. What can the Old Gentleman see in Jiya's face?
(a) Cunning.
(b) Innocence.
(c) Intelligence.
(d) Fear.

11. Jiya says that the people on the island are brave because _____________________.
(a) Their sons look up to them.
(b) They must be.
(c) It is honorable.
(d) Their elders require it.

12. What makes Kino happy about climbing the hill?
(a) He can watch the sunset.
(b) He sees that the volcano is no longer active.
(c) He can see the new fishing village.
(d) He likes to catch fireflies there.

13. What is Jiya's demeanor as he surveys the Old Gentleman's castle?
(a) He is silent.
(b) He is uneasy.
(c) He is ecstatic.
(d) He is sad.

14. Kino's father tells Kino that Jiya is ready to ___________________.
(a) Travel.
(b) Have a son.
(c) Live again.
(d) Become a farmer.

15. The Old Gentleman's servant thinks Jiya is _________________ to turn down the Old Gentleman's offer.
(a) Foolish.
(b) Selfish.
(c) Stupid.
(d) Wise.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kino do while Jiya is sleeping?

2. What does the Old Gentleman tell the men building the house before he leaves?

3. What does Kino's father demand that Jiya do before making his decision about the Old Gentleman's offer?

4. The Old Gentleman says it is a pity that ______________ would not be his son.

5. Why does Jiya refuse to become the Old Gentleman's son?

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