The Big Wave Character Descriptions

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He is the son of a fisherman, and his family is swept away and killed when the big wave comes.


He is the son of a farmer and best friend and adopted brother of the main character.


She marries the main character and lives with him in the new house on the beach when the fishing village is rebuilt.

Kino's Father

He is a farmer who teaches his son that life is stronger than death.

Kino's Mother

She welcomes Jiya into her family after the big wave kills Jiya's family.

Old Gentleman

Before the big wave, he tolls the bell to invite the villagers to take shelter in the castle walls.

Jiya's Father

He sends his on up the hill before the big wave and is swept out to sea and killed when the big wave strikes the beach.

Jiya's Mother

This woman is swept...

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