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Short Answer Questions

1. Which direction is the group traveling at the start of Chapter 29?

2. Which two rivers meet and are upstream from the Three Forks in Chapter 28?

3. How many goats have the men eaten in Chapter 40?

4. How does Boone travel to Paoli in Chapter 44?

5. What does Boone give to Red Horn in Chapter 29?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Teal Eye respond to seeing Boone again and what is done to consider Boone's request for her?

2. What is in the letter that Jim had brought for Boone?

3. What does Boone experience while traveling on the boat in Chapter 43?

4. What is Boone's plan to have a life with Teal Eye?

5. Why and how does Dick leave Boone and Jim in Chapter 25?

6. How does Peabody evaluate the crew he is with in Chapter 35?

7. What has happened to Teal Eye's tribe in Chapter 28?

8. What do Boone and Jim talk about In Chapter 32?

9. Where do Boone and Jim eventually find the remnants of Teal Eye's tribe and what does Boone do when they get there?

10. How does Boone react to the attack in Chapter 36?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Teal Eye's pregnancy has an unanticipated effect on Boone and their relationship.

1) Describe how Boone first learns that Teal Eye is pregnant and his response to the news.

2) Explain how Boone reacts to discovering his son's blindness.

3) Analyze the validity of Boone's anger over his son's appearance and the implications he draws from it.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the influence that Boone's family has on his travels and the decisions that he makes throughout the book, including his father's role in the trip to Louisville, and the letter that his mother writes to him.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Boone's initial involvement with a fur trading company while accompanying Dick and Jourdonnais, the problems the company has, Zeb's opinion of why it might not work, and Boone's reply to his uncle.

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