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Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Boone looking for Judge Test and Bedwell in Chapter 44?

2. What does Teal Eye ask Boone about his trip in Chapter 34?

3. What news does Jim bring to Boone about Dick in Chapter 32?

4. Where is the group with wagons traveling in Chapter 44?

5. What will happen if Boone stops to rest in Chapter 38?

Short Essay Questions

1. What concerns does Red Horn have and how does Boone reply to them?

2. Why and how does Dick leave Boone and Jim in Chapter 25?

3. What is Jim wondering about Boone's intentions in Chapter 26?

4. What is Boone's plan to have a life with Teal Eye?

5. Where are Boone and Jim looking for Teal Eye's tribe in Chapter 28 and what are they finding?

6. What discussion do Boone and Teal Eye have before he leaves for Oregon?

7. Where do Boone and Jim eventually find the remnants of Teal Eye's tribe and what does Boone do when they get there?

8. What information does Jim find out when he is at Fort McKenzie?

9. Which difficulties is Boone having in adapting to a civilized life with his family in Chapter 45?

10. How does Peabody evaluate the crew he is with in Chapter 35?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The expansion of the country is a key element in the plot when Boone is caught between preserving the Indian land and assisting innovation.

1) Describe three examples of expansion that Boone either observes or hears from Jim.

2) Explain the role of expansion in the story and in the development of the three main characters.

3) Analyze Boone's decision to take Peabody to Oregon and his reluctance in accepting the job.

Essay Topic 2

Describe Boone's first two encounters with the Indians, including how he prepares for them, the differences in the two types of Indians, and the new things that Boone discovers about Indians in general from the second encounter in Chapter 14.

Essay Topic 3

Analyze at least three examples of Boone's temper and the negative effect it has had on his life, including the results of his inability to control it, the things it has cost him, and the people he has hurt because of it.

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