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Short Answer Questions

1. What news does Jim bring to Boone about Dick in Chapter 32?

2. What is Boone's reaction to the way his mother is dealing with the death of his father?

3. How long has Boone been living with the Piegans in Chapter 31?

4. How does Boone respond to Red Horn's concerns in Chapter 31?

5. How does Boone first realize that something has happened with the group in Chapter 36?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where are Boone and Jim looking for Teal Eye's tribe in Chapter 28 and what are they finding?

2. How has life changed for Boone and Jim after five years have passed since Boone reconnected with Teal Eye?

3. Where do Boone and Jim eventually find the remnants of Teal Eye's tribe and what does Boone do when they get there?

4. What offer does Peabody have for Boone and how does Boone respond?

5. What concerns does Red Horn have and how does Boone reply to them?

6. What is Jim's condition like in Chapter 37 and what is being done to draw attention to the group?

7. What trap does Boone set for Jim and Teal Eye, and what is the result of it?

8. What has happened to Teal Eye's tribe in Chapter 28?

9. What is Jim talking about in Chapter 38 and why does Boone decide to leave?

10. What does Boone do in order to get the goats back to the camp?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Dick Summers has a positive effect on Boone's life and is influential in his adventure.

1) Describe Dick's character and goals when Boone first meets him.

2) Explain three examples of how Dick helps Boone to learn survival skills.

3) Analyze the change that Dick goes through and the reasons why he decides to settle down in St. Louis.

Essay Topic 2

Another Indian attack in Chapter 19 confirms the warnings that Boone and the other men of the Mandan were given about the Indian territory.

1) Describe the plan for returning Teal Eye to her people and the risks involved with it.

2) Explain the signs of the pending Indian attack as well as the similarities between them and other Indian attacks in the book.

3) Analyze the effects of the Indian attack and what happens to Boone, Jim, and Dick.

Essay Topic 3

Boone finds Teal Eye's tribe and is given permission to be with her according to the Indian customs and gifts that are exchanged.

1) Describe the difficulty Boone has in locating Teal Eye's tribe because of the disease that has spread.

2) Explain the customs that Boone goes through in order to acquire a life with Teal Eye.

3) Compare the way that Boone adapts to the Indian way of life with his inability to adapt to civilized life at the end of the story.

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