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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which two rivers meet and are upstream from the Three Forks in Chapter 28?
(a) Madison and Columbia.
(b) Madison and Jefferson.
(c) Columbia and Gallatin.
(d) Jefferson and Gallatin.

2. What does Boone use to build a lodging for Jim at the end of Chapter 36?
(a) Stones and leaves.
(b) Sticks and leaves.
(c) Sticks and stones.
(d) Sticks, stones, and leaves.

3. What is the year in Chapter 31?
(a) 1824.
(b) 1842.
(c) 1852.
(d) 1825.

4. What is the end result that Peabody is looking for in Chapter 35?
(a) To start a different type of trading business.
(b) To hire Boone and Jim permanently.
(c) Increased trade and commerce.
(d) Improved relations with the Indians.

5. What does Teal Eye tell Jim before Boone returns to the camp in Chapter 42?
(a) She is worried about Red Horn.
(b) She would like to leave the Indians.
(c) She is worried about Boone.
(d) She would like to have another child.

6. What is Boone's reaction to the way his mother is dealing with the death of his father?
(a) He is angry.
(b) He is confused.
(c) He is upset.
(d) He is surprised.

7. Which disease killed most of the Indians in Chapter 28?
(a) Typhoid fever.
(b) Diphtheria.
(c) Smallpox.
(d) Cholera.

8. While seeing no signs of Indians in Chapter 36, what does Boone begin to wonder?
(a) If the Indians have given up on preventing expansion.
(b) If he was wrong about Red Horn.
(c) If there is something wrong with the Indians.
(d) If he was right about Red Horn.

9. How are the Indian lodges arranged in Chapter 29?
(a) By size.
(b) By tribe.
(c) They are scattered.
(d) They are grouped together.

10. What fear do the people at Fort McKenzie have?
(a) That Boone will lead the Indians against them.
(b) That the Indians will take all of their food.
(c) That the Indians will stop them from trading.
(d) That Boone will not help them against the Indians.

11. As Jim explains to Boone in Chapter 32, what type of farm does Dick have?
(a) Wheat.
(b) Cattle.
(c) Pig.
(d) Chicken.

12. What does Boone give to Red Horn in Chapter 29?
(a) Food.
(b) Skins.
(c) The horse.
(d) A rifle.

13. What does Boone tell Jim when he wakes up in Chapter 37?
(a) He is sorry for the lack of food.
(b) The Indians will help them.
(c) They can survive for another week without food.
(d) More food is on its way.

14. What type of mood is Boone in when Chapter 42 begins?
(a) Confused and talkative.
(b) Grumpy and talkative.
(c) Silent and confused.
(d) Grumpy and silent.

15. Remembering what Jim said, who mentioned the goats in the mountains that causes Boone to hunt for them?
(a) Zeb.
(b) Red Horn.
(c) Teal Eye.
(d) Dick.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many customers are in the store at Fort McKenzie when Jim arrives there?

2. What is causing Boone to be suspicious of Jim and Teal Eye?

3. Besides a letter, what else does Jim have with him as he travels back to the camp in Chapter 42?

4. What is the weather at the start of Chapter 37?

5. From whom is the letter that Jim brought for Boone?

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