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Chapters 1-4

• Boone, a seventeen year old known for getting into trouble, has a fight that causes a warrant to be issued.

• After fighting with his father, Boone leaves his home in Kentucky and travels West.
• Alone, Boone spends the night in a barn and cries while thinking about home.

• Boone meets Jim Deakins and the two stop at Louisville, where Boone narrowly escapes his father and the law.

Chapters 5-8

• Boone is tricked by Bedwell and finds his rifle stolen after a night of drinking.

• Bedwell is caught by Boone, but the sheriff arrives as the two fight.
• Boone is convicted and imprisoned because of Bedwell's dishonest testimony.

• Jim goes to Paoli and frees Boone by taking the sheriff's jail cell keys.

Chapters 9-12

• Boone and Jim have been working in St. Louis for three weeks and they make plans to board the Mandan on the Missouri...

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