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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who were all but one of the six passengers aboard the S.S Malone?
(a) Nordic missionaries.
(b) Dutch settlers.
(c) English statesmen.
(d) Spanish missionaries.

2. Where did Hughes find work the summer after his freshman year at Columbia?
(a) At a newspaper in New York City.
(b) At a bakery in Harlem.
(c) At a newspaper in Cleveland.
(d) At a truck garden on Staten Island.

3. What happened when Hughes picked up Jocko at the pet shop?
(a) He found Jocko was missing.
(b) He asked the proprietor to keep Jocko there.
(c) He was offered $30 for Jocko.
(d) He was charged $30 for Jocko's care.

4. Which of Hughes's relatives became Dean of the first law school at Howard University?
(a) His great uncle.
(b) His grandfather.
(c) His grandmother's brother.
(d) His grandfather's brother.

5. How much was Hughes supposed to win by spending the night on the haunted ship?
(a) Ten dollars.
(b) Twenty dollars.
(c) Five dollars.
(d) A bottle of scotch.

6. Where did Hughes go to live when he was in second grade?
(a) With his grandmother in Lawrence, Kansas.
(b) With his grandmother in Memphis, Tennessee.
(c) With his aunt in Kansas City, Missouri.
(d) With his uncle in Brooklyn, New York.

7. Where did Hughes meet Frau Schultz?
(a) In St Louis at the train station.
(b) On the train to Mexico.
(c) At his father's home in Toluca.
(d) In the diner car of the train.

8. Who took over Hughes's English classes when he left Mexico?
(a) A woman from Arkansas.
(b) Frau Schultz.
(c) James Hughes.
(d) A woman in the village.

9. How did Hughes feel when he arrived in Harlem for the first time?
(a) Happy and excited.
(b) Nervous and uncertain.
(c) Lost and confused.
(d) Frightened and regretful.

10. In whose honor was the first burial at sea Hughes participated in?
(a) The Chief Engineer of his ship.
(b) The Chief Steward.
(c) His friend Francis Carco.
(d) His roomate George.

11. What neighborhood in Paris did Hughes walk through to look for a job and a place to live?
(a) Downtown.
(b) The Left Bank.
(c) Montmartre.
(d) Place de la Concorde.

12. Who was Auntie Reed and Uncle Reed?
(a) The people Hughes met on the S.S. Malone.
(b) The people Hughes met on his way to see his father.
(c) The people who lived next door to his grandmother.
(d) The people Hughes was sent to live with when he was twleve.

13. What did one sailor pass off as French francs in one small French colony African town?
(a) United Flour and Tea coupons.
(b) British pound notes.
(c) United Cigar Store coupons.
(d) Danish Krona.

14. Who was shot by the German brewery-master at James Hughes's house in Mexico?
(a) Lotte and Gerta.
(b) Frau Schultz and Gerta.
(c) Frau Schultz and Lotte.
(d) A neighbor and his wife.

15. Where did Hughes go to see the bullfights in Mexico?
(a) Maderia.
(b) Tucales.
(c) Guatalahara.
(d) Mexico City.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many ports along the west African shore did the S.S. Malone visit?

2. What did the sailors do on the first day out of the harbor on the way to Africa?

3. How many fraternities did Hughes pledge for?

4. Where did Hughes get his pet monkey?

5. Where did Hughes finally find a job?

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