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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Alma Mater—Post Script.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At Hughes's college, what was the racial makeup of the faculty?
(a) All white.
(b) Half white and half black.
(c) All black.
(d) Mixed ethnicities.

2. Who were all but one of the six passengers aboard the S.S Malone?
(a) Dutch settlers.
(b) Spanish missionaries.
(c) Nordic missionaries.
(d) English statesmen.

3. What college did Hughes cite as having an all-black faculty?
(a) Fisk.
(b) Tuskegee.
(c) Grandlock.
(d) Urbana.

4. How did Hughes get the money for the pullman car from Washington to McKeesport?
(a) He pawned his watch.
(b) He sold beads and trinkets from Africa.
(c) He sold a pair of his suit pants.
(d) He sold Jocko to the shopkeeper.

5. What was Hughes's job on the ship across the ocean?
(a) He was a police officer.
(b) He was an oarsman.
(c) He was a janitor.
(d) He was a mess boy.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many fraternities did Hughes pledge for?

2. Where did Hughes stay when he was in New Orleans on his trip in 1927?

3. Where was Langston Hughes born?

4. How did Dr. Alain Locke find Hughes in Paris?

5. What was the name of the ship Hughes found in New Orleans traveling to Havana?

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