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Theme Song

Write a song for the S.S. Malone. Include in the lyrics details about the ship, its passengers, its deck hands and cooks, and its destinations.

Mother of Gracchi

Research "Mother of the Gracchi." Dress in appropriate costume and recite this to the class.


Convert the scene of Hughes throwing his books overboard into an acted scene. Have Hughes talk about why he is throwing his books overboard. Perform for the class.

Carl Sandburg

Read about Carl Sandburg, his life, and work. Find and read some of Sandburg's poems. In what style does he write?


Research the earthquake that hit Mexico the summer Hughes, his grandmother, and his mother went there to meet James Hughes. Where did the earthquake hit? Was it a serious one? Are earthquakes a usual thing in Mexico?

Family Tree

Create a large family tree of Hughes's family and include...

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