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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12, The Religion of Faith.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Krishna say is the father, mother and grandfather of the universe?
(a) Krishna says Sanjaya is.
(b) Krishna says that he is.
(c) Krishna says Dhritarashtra is.
(d) Krishna says Vishnu is.

2. What does Arjuna say Vishnu does to the worlds?
(a) Arjuna says Vishnu blows out the light of the world.
(b) Arjuna says Vishnu stands before the world and stomps on every single living thing.
(c) Arjuna says Vishnu laps the worlds into his burning mouth and swallows them.
(d) Arjuna say Vishnu breathes light into the world.

3. What do the six months of the southern path of the sun lead other souls to?
(a) These months lead souls to sadness.
(b) These months lead souls to pleasure.
(c) These months lead souls to rebirth.
(d) These months lead souls to liberation.

4. Among the luminaries what is Krishna?
(a) The Dragon Lamp.
(b) The Sun.
(c) The Moon.
(d) The Big Dipper.

5. Who does Arjuna say knows Krishna's real nature?
(a) Neither good people nor bad.
(b) Neither gods nor demons.
(c) Neither children nor adults.
(d) Neither mothers nor fathers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do those who worship the gods go according to Krishna?

2. What do truly great souls seek?

3. Who does Krishna tell Arjuna is the most established in yoga?

4. What does Krishna say is the fate of those who have no faith in the supreme law of life?

5. What are those who have achieved perfect renunciation free from?

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