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Book 1, Bhagavadgita: Chapter 1, The Distress of Arjuna

• Dhritarashtra importunes Sanjaya to relate to him the events that transpired on the field of dharma where his family gathered to fight the Pandavas.

• Sanjaya describes the opposing forces arrayed for battle.
• Arjuna commands Krishna to drive his forces between the two armies that he might see those who desire to fight him.

• Arjuna sees that his own relatives are lined up to fight against him.

• Arjuna falls into paralyzing despair.

• Arjuna throws down his weapons and sits in his chariot.

Chapter 2, The Book of Doctrines

• Krishna tells Arjuna that his despair is unworthy of him.

• Krishna urges Arjuna to rise up and destroy the enemy.

• Arjuna asks Krishna how he can justify fighting against and perhaps killing his own relatives.
• Krishna explains to Arjuna his sorrow has no cause because the deepest nature of all of us can never be...

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